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    I automatically got the update on Sunday, everything *seems* to be working OK, with a few minor exceptions - I hope someone can help me figure them out....

    My battery life has been almost ZERO since the update. I used to only plug my phone in nightly to charge, but since the update on Sunday, I have to charge my phone by noon or 1pm and it doesn't seem to fully charge no matter how long its plugged in (its at 99% in the morning after charging all night).

    Also, my phone keeps freezing up in many apps (Facebook, email, candy crush, even just browsing for a photo). I used task killer to kill anything I wasn't using, didn't seem to help with either the battery or the freezing issue. I just cleared the cache, so we will see if that helps at all.

    I have several custom ringtones - I can no longer navigate to them to set my personal ringtones - only a couple are in the list. Also, even though I have set a default "notification" tone - when I get an email or a text I hear one of the preinstalled tones. what folder do my ringtones need to be in so I can access them through Settings > Sound > Phone Ringtone or from my contacts? And how do I get apps such as outlook and text messaging to use the default notification tone?

    One positive thing I've seen - my SD card was randomly "unmounting" and it would require a reboot to remount it. So far, this hasn't happened since the update. :-)

    There are a couple things that I don't like, guess I can live without, not sure if they can be changed with an app:
    1) the "toggle" feature on the lock screen to switch from ring to vibrate - its gone - is there a way to customize the bottom bar where the google and camera are to add a shortcut or widget that is available without unlocking the screen?
    2) the only color my notification light has blinked is white - what happened to red, blue, green, purple? do I need to set that up again?
    3) alarm clock no longer has "snooze" and "dismiss" buttons - I have to actually look at the phone to see which way to swipe for "snooze" or I might just turn it off....not good...just a good thing I have a second alarm clock that does have buttons

    so far that's it. Hope someone has some input on the ringtones at least - i'll post again in a day or so to let you know if clearing the cache cleared up the freezing problem.

    05-28-2014 03:19 PM
  2. aethear's Avatar
    I am by no means an expert but here are my thoughts.

    Clearing the cache (which you already did) or perhaps uninstalling apps to see if there is a conflict is my only thought on the freezing/battery. I would avoid using task killers I have found they don't help in later versions of android (at best) but haven't done systematic testing.

    Ringtones: haven't gotten around to this my self but there is a media folder in your root directory that has folders ringtones, alarms and music (I think). There is the same on your sd-card. I think if you add the sounds/tunes to the folder on your phone you should see them. I have some on my sd-card and I only see them in certain apps. It is possible that I/we just need to do a media scan thought (I thought it happens on reboot but...)

    My apps by default used the default notification sound, but in each app you should be able to adjust the tone. Usually under settings (in app) you can adjust the notification tone but where in there that it is hidden is app dependent.

    Now to address your list:

    1) I was disappointed too. There are several lock screen widgets that add this functionality I will look for a few after work today. I have started to just hold the power button which brings up a screen where I can switch modes manually and quickly anywhere when the screen is on.

    2) Did you manage to change the colors without an app before? If so I would love to know how. I am using the app LightFlow for this purpose. I upgraded to the paid version for faster color changes but haven't found the right timing for them to go smoothly yet.

    3) I use Timely for my alarm (it is beautiful). The swiping (in the default app) is something that I quickly got used to when I tried it out. Don't know if there is a way to change it.

    I will update this post tonight when I have some time to futz around with ringtones and such.

    Hope this helps, and keep us updated! I will try to add more tonight. Tomorrow at the latest.

    Please ignore, spelling and grammar mistakes; despite using computers as a crutch I am still awful at both (the spelling and grammar, I am very good at mistakes).
    06-03-2014 09:37 AM

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