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    So...I currently have a maxx. I love it, and the battery life is amazing but the things a giant. I love the idea of a smaller sized phone with a nice sized screen. I run with my phone, use it at the gym, use it at work a ton, surf the web constanty....basically like most I live and breathe with it! The camera though concerns me. The reviews totally dog the camera. How different is it from the current MAXX? Some say its the same, which if thats the case im ok with. Can anyone confirm the camera thing for me? Id be willing to downgrade screen cause im sure its good enough for a faster processor and smaller footprint. The battery is a concern but......im strongly considering this device even though some may consider it a downgrade. I wish they made this a little thicker with a 2100-25/2600mh battery and s sharper screen......in a perfect world. Why not a M MAXX Anyway....back to the camera. My girlfriend really is 99% getting this but wants a decent camera and im just really tryin to confirm quality.
    09-13-2012 05:58 PM

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