1. PomPWNius's Avatar
    I got my razr m a few weeks ago and loved it! Until I realized I cant move apps to the sd card because of the funky stuff. When I learned I could root I was psyched, I thought I would be able to fix it up, and start saving to sd, whether it be with an app or manually moving the files. Well, My rooting went kind of funky. First thing after rooting I wanted to remove the bloatware, so I go into root explorer and try to delete stuff but it wouldn't let me mount to read/write. I said, "thats weird" and tried an app I found called "root uninstaller" , which didnt seem to recognize that I was rooted, and wouldnt let me uninstall system apps. I then downloaded root checker, which said I did not have root access, but in apex launcher I am able to put widgets on the homescreen from the app drawer somehow. I am on the Jelly Bean leak, but I dont think that should change anything. Anyone know what went wrong?
    10-24-2012 04:26 PM
  2. Easton Seidel's Avatar
    I Had The Same Error When I Used A Version Of Moto2fail. If You Attempted To Use That Root Method (Which Is The Only One I Know Of) Find It On A Different Site. And If You Need Me To I Will post The Zip That I used That Had A Working Superuser And Root Privileges. I Did Not Have To Wipe My Data Or Cache When I Rerooted The Second Time. Just Make Sure You Have The Up To Date.Motorola Drivers installEd. It However Did Not Give Me Access To Move Apps To The Sd Card. We Will Have To.Wait Until We Can Unlock Our Boot loaders
    12-18-2012 11:37 PM
  3. nickriviera12's Avatar
    Easton, could you post the link of the site where you downloaded the working version?

    There is a stickied site for rooting the M in this forum. Also, there is a recently posted link to a site for rooting the M in this forum (http://www.droid-life.com/2012/10/16...hd-all-rooted/).

    Did you use either of these sites? Also, does anyone know if it matters if you are running ICS or JB when attempting to root the razr M?
    12-19-2012 08:32 AM
  4. Easton Seidel's Avatar
    I'm Not Sure About A Site Since My Cousin Gave Me The Zip. I'll Post A Download Link A.S.A.P. It Shouldn't Matter If You Are Running Jellybean Or Ics. I'm Running Jelly bean
    12-19-2012 09:20 AM
  5. Easton Seidel's Avatar
    Here's The Root Download It Is What I Used For It. Remember If It Doesn't Work You May Have To Clear You Data And Cache.
    motofail2go JELLY BEAN.zip
    12-19-2012 11:28 PM

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