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    So, here's a bit of details.

    Apps/Texts/Calls Randomly:
    This only happens if I'm using the phone. This is also extremely fast with the phone hitting maybe 10 letters and apps a second. Also, it's never typing words, just gibberish. I could be texting then it'll start "pressing" other letters. They pop up as if there's a 3rd finger touching. It's not my palms or anything becasue I can lay the phone down and be sure I only hit one letter at a time. This is really my main concern because it makes it slow to get anything done. As of this second this isn't happening but it's stopped momentarily before and then come back.

    Black Screen:
    This isn't happening right now so I can't give the details of what the screen said until I see it again. I didn't do anything after trying everything I knew but it all failed. So I have no idea why this stopped all the sudden. I do remeber it saying something about Device.Locked status:0, or something like that.

    Half Green Screen:
    The bottom half of the screen turns a static-like green.

    A few details:
    The random texts/apps/calls, and the half green screen, will sometimes make it impossible to do anything. Pressing down the power button and then back on seems to make it work again.

    Thanks to everyone who helps!
    11-04-2012 07:32 PM
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    Sounds like you need a warranty replacement

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    11-05-2012 10:52 AM
  3. Ladicen's Avatar
    It stopped happening. I don't know what fixed it because I literally did nothing. I've only had the phone about a month, never dropped it or gotten it wet. I put it on the charger and then under my pillow the first night I had it, which I've done with all my cell phones in the past so I hear my alarm, but this phone was ungodly hot when I woke up. It functioned fine, but no other cell phone I've had before has ever felt even remotely hotter the next morning. The night before it started to go crazy I had left it in my pants on the floor (tile, it's cold floor) and it was a little hot, but not like that first night. Any idea why this phone doesn't like to be covered?

    So, given that nothing is wrong and the phone seems fine, how would I go about getting it replaced? Would they just take my word on it? I get the feeling they'd just blow me off and tell me to come back when it happens again. If they do, my phone will be spending the night with all my clothes on it.
    11-05-2012 03:14 PM

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