1. Ruark's Avatar
    I'm a few hours away from picking up a Razr M, but have one question. I understand it doesn't have any kind of video out capability. That's very disappointing. Even my antique old HTC Incredible would do that: just plug the battery charger cable into the TV's USB port. I'm just wondering, how DO you guys watch the videos taken with your M? Like, email the video file to your laptop and play it from there to your TV? Or maybe some kind of adapter? I know I'm going to love this phone, but this little issue is a minor, but nagging, disappointment.
    11-08-2012 09:29 PM
  2. WAldenIV's Avatar
    It has DLNA so you are able to connect to DLNA certified devices.
    11-09-2012 06:58 AM

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