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    So as the title says, I'm thinking of selling my Galaxy S3 in favor of a RAZR M. Anyone make this switch? If so, do you regret it? I love the S3, but I just want something more compact.

    Also, how is the battery life, display and performance? These are all great on the S3, and are very important to me in a smartphone. I already know its safe to say the call quality and reception is top-notch.
    11-09-2012 01:53 PM
  2. m3bimmer2000's Avatar
    I had the S3, but I sold it on eBay due to the battery life being so poor. I loved the phone, but my number one requirement is battery life. I now have the M and couldnt be happier. I love the small form factor while still having a decent sized screen. The cameran could be better, but I dont take a lot of pictures anyway, so not a big deal to me. The battery life is pheonominal. Isually take it off the charge in the morning at 0600 and when I plug in at night, usually around 2300, I have about 50% left. That gives me piece of mind during days my useage is higher than normal. Also, the radios are great in the M. Bluetooth works flawlessly and 4G stays connected all day long. Oh, I almost forgot, Verizon just released JB for the M so that makes it worth the price of admission right there.
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    11-09-2012 07:43 PM
  3. lololovestech's Avatar
    The M is a great piece of equipment. My boyfriend is a long-time iPhone user and he hated my Samsung galaxy S2. He recently picked up my M and told me he really liked the phone - to the point that he's now considering switching to an android instead of the iPhone 5. Unfortunately he's with at&t so he can't get a Moto but I'm so glad he saw the light.

    Battery life and performance are top notch. Battery lasts all day and the phone is super snappy. Camera is mediocre but you can get some great pics with practice and the right apps. The form factor is really nice - phone feels solid in your hand. The screen is a matter of personal preference - there is pixelation but the colors are bright and crisp. The size of the screen is just right and Moto did a great job maximizing the surface space. People also seem to like smart actions.

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    11-09-2012 08:44 PM
  4. scaramouch1's Avatar
    I find my s3 batts ok if I want it to last longer I guess I can always get a bigger battery 3-4000mah off eBay

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    11-09-2012 09:00 PM
  5. areyes163's Avatar
    I just sold my iphone 5 for this. Have not received the phone yet but ok excited. I got to play with it in the store and loved it.
    11-10-2012 02:29 AM
  6. junkie88's Avatar
    My company bought me the razor M about a month ago and it is really fantastic. I am a long time iPhone user and this phone is so good it made me switch to andriod for my personal phone. I went with the galaxy S3 for my personal phone and returned in the 14 day window due to battery life. The razor M easily goes 2 to 1 for battery life with the S3. The screen is big enough, bigger then the iPhone 5 and looks fantasic to me. I cant be happier with the razor M and couldnt me more disappointed with the S3 due to battery issues.

    Having had both the razor m and the galaxy S3 siting next to each other for about 2 weeks, I can say other then pure wow factor the razor m beats the S3 in about every catergory.
    11-10-2012 08:07 AM
  7. EggoEspada's Avatar
    Sounds like pretty good experience. How's multi tasking? Does it lag a bit between apps. Something I love about the S3 is the 2GB RAM makes a give difference in performance. Is the memory sufficient on the M?

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    11-10-2012 09:38 AM
  8. m3bimmer2000's Avatar
    I do occasionally see a slight delay when switching screens or apps. I'm hoping JB and project butter will fix that. To be honest though, I've seen the delay in pretty much all android phones I've used or owned.
    11-10-2012 12:11 PM
  9. aznguyen316's Avatar
    Sounds like pretty good experience. How's multi tasking? Does it lag a bit between apps. Something I love about the S3 is the 2GB RAM makes a give difference in performance. Is the memory sufficient on the M?

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    I made the switch from a Galaxy S3 having owned it for two months - even rooted & unlocked with custom roms. I preferred the size of the M. Also the battery is much better than the S3. If you thought S3 battery was good, the M is even better. Screen has lower ppi so you can see jaggies more on certain text, other times I don't notice. One BIG thing I have noticed was outdoor visibility is much better on the M than the S3. S3 was **** poor outside, simple as that.

    As for performance, this is where the S3 kicks ***. I rarely noticed any lag, app switching, anything - esp on LiquidSmooth's rom. I notice hiccups often with the M and I attribute that to the ram as I even had the S3 underclocked and it didn't hiccup. The M can and will hiccup on you at times. It's still very fast, but since I came from the S3, it can be at times jarring at why the phone is lagging to pull down the notification bar or whatever - and this is me on Jelly Bean leak on the M. That and camera are my only complaints coming from the S3, but all the other things - esp form factor of the M beat out the S3. Build quality destroys the S3 (I'm going caseless while the S3 I had to have a case or else I was afraid I would break the phone).
    11-10-2012 11:51 PM

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