1. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    Lately, my M, which I have had for about a year, has not been recognizing the car dock 1 out of 5 uses. I have to restart the phone to get it to recognize that it is in the car dock.
    Also, it takes MUCH longer to boot, maybe since the last small update.
    Will wiping it and starting a new solve these issues?
    09-07-2013 01:07 PM
  2. mrip's Avatar
    You might want to consider a cache wipe first. Shut the phone down. After it shuts down press the power key and up volume together and hold for about 10 seconds a little droid will come up with his chest open then hold the volume up and volume down together for another 10 sec when the menu comes up use the volume rocker to move to cache wipe, wipe it at least 3 times then choose reboot. It will not delete anything and is perfectly safe just a little scary to do on the first time.
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    09-08-2013 02:03 AM
  3. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    Thanks, Rip!
    I've done that, but it's been a little while. Maybe I'll give it another go.
    It is taking about 3 or 4 minutes to boot and find a signal.
    09-08-2013 11:35 PM
  4. mrip's Avatar
    You're welcome. Maybe an app might be keeping this thing out. Think back to when it started and what apps you downloaded. I use clean master free from the play store to remove any removed apps files that are left over. Also check smart actions. I don't know if you use it but check just to make sure. Mine takes about 3 min to start and settle I don't know about fast boot had it on my HTC. Not really sure if it was an option on this.
    09-10-2013 10:04 PM
  5. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    OK, finally had the time to Factory Reset.
    It took about 4 hours to get it most of the way back to how it was. Longer than expected.

    The only thing wrong is when receiving a phone call, the default notification sound plays, instead of the selected ringtone.
    I can change the sound via the default notification setting, but the call ringtone will not play.

    ETA: well, I fixed it, but definately did not follow any logic that could be repeated. I gave my office phone contact a custom ricngtone. Called the M from my desk and it played the custom tone. Selected default ringtone for my office phone contact. Called the M from my desk, BINGO! the selected ringtone played, instead of the default notification tone. Called the M frrom a phone nto in my phone book and the selcted / correct ringtone played. Go figure...

    Also, I have not had the issue of the M not recognizing the Car Dock, at least thru about 10 incertions. It boots to signal in about 2 minutes vice the 4 it was taking, prior to the Factory Reset. BTW, I performed the reset thru the Recovery menu vice the settings, in the UI.

    ETA: 4th morning after factory reset; the M did not recognize the car dock. This was on about the 15th insertion. Hopefully this rate of failure maitains as opposed to excalating in frequency as time goes on, as previously experienced.
    09-24-2013 12:13 PM
  6. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    After reset performance is better overall.
    It is starting to NOT recognize the car dock, more often. For the record, I have two different car docks. One in my car and one in my truck. I most often use the car. I wonder if the back and forth, between the two have anything to do with it.
    I doubt it, tho, because I can drive only the car, for weeks and the phone will periodically not recognize the car dock.
    10-10-2013 03:19 PM
  7. anon(3653)'s Avatar
    I just did a cache wipe for my wife and I and our phones have renewed zip.

    Sent from my second brain.. Okay it is the only one working. now Free
    10-10-2013 10:18 PM

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