1. jessatack22's Avatar
    Ok, so normally my wifi bars are blue but now they are grey. it stays I have no internet connection but my wifi works on my computer and internet capable tv. also my mom has the same phone and her bars are blue. we have wifi through time warner cable. they were having problems with it a couple of days ago but it was fixed. after they fixed it my phone had full blue bars ( this is normal) but an hour or so later it turned grey and no matter what I do it will not go back to being blue. it says i'm connected to the box and everything. but yet I have no internet connection on just my phone? I have restarted the whole thing I have told my phone to forget the wifi and then tried to connect again and nothing has worked no settings on my phone should make it do this. I don't know what to do anymore. please help
    01-11-2014 11:10 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Can you try rebooting the router? Usually this means unplugging its power, then plugging it back in. If it's a combination modem/router from the cable company, then it's trickier to reboot, because you usually can't unplug and plug back in, as the modem/router probably has a battery backup. There is typically a router settings screen you can access using the computer browser--you'd need to read the router's manual to learn how to access it.
    01-12-2014 12:17 AM

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