1. Phil Weingart's Avatar

    Just activated my Motorola Razr XT907 for the first time. It echoes out loud the name of every button I touch. It's annoying as hell. What's the name of this infernal feature, and how do I turn it off IMMEDIATELY, and forever?


    08-27-2015 10:42 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Don't have the exact phone, but it sounds like it could be something that you can turn on or off in your Accessibility Settings. In Samsung phones this is called Talkback, not sure how they call it on Moto ones.
    08-27-2015 11:03 AM
  3. Phil Weingart's Avatar
    Spot on, actually. The problem was that with Talkback turned out, scrolling was virtually impossible. This became painfully relevant when I attempted to find "Accessibility Settings." The Settings screen showed me the first 11 of 27 entries, but when I tried to swipe to scroll down, the Talkback feature intervened and told me where I happened to land my finger on the screen. I quickly realized that I could not scroll at all, not in the usual way.

    I finally discovered that I could get the thing to flip to the next 11 entries by making the highlighted line scroll down by 1 at a time. Don't ask me how that was different, but I did manage to get it to jump one line at a time by flicking my finger over the screen, and by making it jump down after highlighting the 11th item, I got it to display the next screen full of options. Of course, "Accessibility Settings" wasn't in that group, either, so I had scroll 1 line at a time another 12 times to get it to shift downward one more time. And there, with the last 5 entries in the Settings menu displayed, I found "Accessibility Settings." I selected by double-tapping (Talkback told me "Accessibility Settings" out loud when I single-tapped,) disabled Talkback... and voila! I had a working phone!

    I do need to write to Motorola and find out why on earth they would ever devise such a torture for their phones, let alone enable it for any phone right out of the box. Of course, I bought the phone used, so possibly the previous owner did this to torture whoever was unlucky enough to snap up his used equipment. But the crisis is over. And with Talkback disabled, I actually like the phone.

    Thanks for your help.
    08-28-2015 09:29 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Glad you got it to shut up at least haha

    Some features are implemented with the best of intentions... but sometimes they just become a nuisance, even for people who might actually need them.
    08-31-2015 11:14 AM
  5. Jerry Runnels's Avatar
    I accidentally turned on the TALKBACK feature of my Nexus 10 which assists low vision or blind folks in using this tablet.Now i cant find a way to turn it off. It wont let me access my SETTINGS and i have tried everything else i can think of to get to them without success. I dont want to reset my Nexus but would if it was the only way left but it wont let me into my Settings to even do that. Now my initial screen has a lock feature showing up at the bottom ,but when i click on it it wont let me proceed to any other screen or program.
    Appreciate anyone who can help me figure out how to turn this feature off. Thanks
    10-03-2015 07:12 AM

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