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    Like many of you, I love the thin form factor of the Maxx HD, as well as the look and feel of the Kevlar and the metal band. So there is a big part of me that just doesn't want to use any case on it. But, what worries me is that the glass front goes virtually to all four the edges of the phone (except for that thin little lip) and if the phone were dropped and hit anywhere on an edge (which is quite likely with a drop) I would think it could quite easily break the glass. This is my main concern, I don't care so much about scratches and dings. And as you have probably found out, currently there aren't lots of cases available for the Maxx HD. However, Incipio does have two cases currently available. They both come with screen protectors and they both have a non-slippery mat finish which doesn't fingerprint. I bought both of them directly from Incipio (incipio.com - see website for pictures) and here are my observations:

    The Incipio Feather case ($25) as the name implies is a very thin shell that snaps onto the phone. It snaps onto the little lip of the two sides of the phone. It does cover the corners, but it leaves the top and bottom edges and sides pretty much exposed. There is no padding of any kind with this case. It does increase the form factor, but very little. While it would protect much of the phone from scratches, I guess it would provide some limited protection for drops, but basically I don't think it would really provide that much protection.

    The Incipio DualPro case ($30) consists of two parts: a thin very flexible silicone sheath that goes around the back and all four sides of the phone covering 100% of that thin little lip between the glass and the metal side band. Then a thin hard case (like the Feather case) snaps on top of the silicone sheath, locking the silicone sheath in place. It definitely increases the form factor of the phone, but not a huge amount like some of the really rugged protection cases. This case is probably a lot like the Otterbox Commuter case, although I have never seen an actual Commuter case (only looked at the pictures of the Commuter base on the Otterbox website). From the pictures on Otterbox's website, the Commuter case might be a bit bulkier, although it is hard to tell. The DualPro would definitely protect the phone well (but not from extreme circumstances like some of the mega cases). It is all black (unlike the pictures of the Commuter case on their website) although there is a version that is pink and black. Both the power and volume switches have silicone nubs (versus cutouts) and I think the volume rocker nub could be a bit more pronounced (although maybe they did it this way so there wouldn't be a tendency for the ring volume to accidentally change while the phone is in a pocket). This case also provides protection for the camera lens "window" which is flush with the back of the phone. I think the DualPro case is probably a good balance between protection and not drastically increasing the form factor.

    My personal thoughts - I am returning the Feather case. If I'm going to lose the thin form factor, the Kevlar and the metal band, then I want more protection for the glass (the whole phone for that matter) than I feel the Feather case offers. I will probably grudgingly use the DualPro case just because of the protection it offers. Maybe at night when I am in bed I can take the case off and admire the Maxx HD naked (just kidding!)
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    11-08-2012 10:26 PM
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    I use the Feather when carrying in pocket or hanging around house, at work I use a Swissgear leather case on my belt to give more protection and Maxx HD fits easily into case while wearing Feather. Just an idea
    11-13-2012 11:30 PM
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    Would anyone mind putting a picture up with the Incipio MT-219 DualPro Case on their phone comparing it to something in size? I'm just worried about the thickness.
    11-14-2012 12:28 PM

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