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    Been running this phone now for almost a week. Not rooted(yet). Initially loaded all the apps onto this phone that I ran on my last RAZR. After about 12 hours of uptime, something seems to be causing GPS to go offline. I can see it in GPS test, where the GPS goes from green to yellow, and back to green again, on a continuous basis about every 15-30 seconds.

    I have since deinstalled almost all apps that claim to use GPS in the permissions list, or disable location usage in those I didnt deinstall. I think one of the apps I run is causing problems. I hate guessing and trial and error. If I reboot the phone, it will be good again for awhile. Is there some kind of log I can view to get an idea of what is interfering with GPS?
    11-09-2012 05:01 PM

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