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    First thing is first, I have the OTA JB update, and have done a factory reset afterwards. It is rooted and since then I've had one incident of Chrome slowing the phone down so much I had to do the Vol down + power button reboot. All my programs are updated, including FB to 2.0 and the new Amazon Apps installer. I have disabled most of the bloatware on the device and have not deleted or disabled anything via root.

    Today morning, I had a message pop up where it stated "Homescreen stopped responding" or something of that nature, similar to the error that used to pop up with the Amazon App and JB before they updated it. This was an hour after unplugging the phone and going through my usual regimen; ie check gmail, use google now and chrome for news and sports updates, check FB and G+. Memory was at 180MB free (yes, I check OCD-ishly. Don't know why, but I do).

    At home, I usually have the phone connected via Wifi. I noticed that it was off and I was on a weak 4G signal (my house is in a weak 4G signal area). I tried to turn it back on and I got this message. I couldn't open any programs, I couldn't go into settings. All I could do was scroll through my screens. Everything else resulted in the above message. I did the two button salute, rebooted, and it is back to normal now. Anyone else have a similar experience?
    12-17-2012 11:34 AM

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