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    I am not going to lie I am nervous about making this switch. BUT, I am ready.. I have used iPhones since the very first one came out.. I loved it, and find them to be so easy to maneuver and use. But the battery life is awful! When Apple took away our Google Maps I was beyond livid and wanted to make the switch that very instant. Well I couldnt I wasnt ready for an upgrade.. Now I have been ready for an upgrade for some time and am interested in the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD. I would like to know has anyone else made this switch? What are your thoughts? Way better phone? Was it easy to adjust? I don't have anything that runs off of the Android systems yet so I am not at all familiar with them. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    12-20-2012 02:58 PM
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    Its been about a month since I shelved my iPhone for the Razr Maxx HD. Admitedly, there is quite a difference between the two operating systems. It took me a while to get used to Android, but with the help of this and other forums, I think I have a fairly good handle on things. There are things that iOS handles better, and vice versa. There is definately more device control available on Android, but iOS streamlines simple operations very well. For instance, on iOS all phone call operations are located in the single phone application, while Android separates calling, contacts and voicemail into three different apps. There are ways to make the android call functions more cohesive, but its not quite as good as iOS out-of-the-box. It's just different. There are myriad ways to customize android to suit your preferences. I have barely scratched the surface myself, but have my device setup and functioning better than any of the iDevices I have ever used.

    Don't get me wrong, I am enamored with this device and will not be going back to Apple. Their philosophy as a whole is what got me thinking about android in the first place. I gave my oldest daughter my MBP, my youngest daughter my iPad, and a friend with a broken screen my iPhone. I am keeping my iPod for the gym only because the form factor suits my needs.
    In a nutshell, I would highly recommend android, and the Maxx HD specifically.

    please, please don't take this as Applebashing. This is nothing more than an honest answer to the question asked.
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    12-20-2012 04:02 PM
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    I posted this earlier as a response to someone asking a similar question:

    After a 2 year run with the iPhone 4 and switching to the RMHD about a month ago, here's my opinion...........

    The battery on the Maxx is far superior. In fact, I have a hard time getting it to drop below 50%. I love the fact that I can leave all the extras on (Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, etc) without worrying about killing the battery. I had to carefully manage the system settings on my iPhone to get through a full day without hitting the charger. As a point of reference, under what is my normal usage, I went 45 hours off the charger with the Maxx and only got the battery down to 40%.

    I have used my phone as an MP3 player as well for many years now. The head unit in my Jeep has built in Bluetooth and I always stream from my phone while driving. I've noticed that the stream from the Maxx is not only louder, but sounds much cleaner. I would get some occasional crackling with my iPhone. Everything sounds very crisp coming off the Maxx. I do miss the ability to dock my phone directly on the head unit though, as it had a built in 30 pin connector.

    As for the radios, my Maxx CRUSHES my iPhone 4. I'm keeping a much better signal on the RMHD than I had on the iPhone. On a recent trip to a place I knew I loose all reception on the iPhone, I still had 2 bars of 4g signal. That's huge in my book.

    Now the big one, the OS. Seeing how I also have an iPad, I miss the way that the iPhone and iPad worked together. The photo stream was a great feature. I find iOS a little more user friendly than Android. I'd consider myself more tech savvy than most, but I shouldn't have to think about how to make my phone do what I want. iOS was much more intuitive, in my opinion. It got even better after I was jail broken. Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new to Android, but I just don't find it as smooth or polished as iOS. Not that Android is bad, it's just different.

    Just to be clear, I'm a fan of iOS and Apple products. In my house currently there is an iPhone 5, iPhone 4, two iPad 2's, and soon to be an iPad mini. When it was upgrade time, I decided I wanted something with a bigger screen than the iPhone 5 was offering, and thought I'd give Android a fair and honest shot. So far, I love the phone, and like Android.

    If I could run iOS on the Razr Maxx Hd, it would be the most perfect phone in the world to me. That's my 2 cents. If there's anything else you'd like me to compare just ask. I have no problem giving you my honest opinion. Neither Apple nor Google are putting money in my wallet, so I have no loyalty to either of them.

    I just recently started playing around with launchers and I must admit, the freedom to completely change the way your phone functions blows me away. Something the iPhone didn't allow. Yes there were a lot of things you could tweak and change by jaklbreaking, but using a launcher is so much easier.

    I don't regret the change at all. Especially when I see my wife plugging in her iPhone 5 while I'm setting at 65% after 33 hours off the charger and still going strong.
    12-20-2012 05:10 PM

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