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    I got the Maxx HD on the day it came out and have not had any issues with it since. Actually, I absolutely love it. I have not installed any new apps recently and then, out of nowhere, when I am on BT or speakerphone, the call goes back to the handset ear-speaker. It is not a BT issue with the car (it works fine with other phones) and it just seems odd that the speakerphone also quits on me. I do not know why it randomly drops from BT or speakerphone and goes back to the handset. I then have to change the settings mid-call to get it back to the car.
    Has anyone else experienced this or know what to try? I did a flush of my BT settings, but I think it is something other than that since it also effects speakerphone.
    Thank you!
    03-07-2013 07:49 AM
  2. jtl's Avatar
    Does anyone have anything to offer here? Thank you!
    03-20-2013 05:38 AM
  3. kmf1's Avatar
    I'm not having your issues but here is some info regarding an update that is coming soon for our phone. It looks like your issue may be addressed.

    Verizon Update 9.16
    Looks like Verizon will soon be pushing an update to address some known issues:

    +Google Security Patches have been added for additional security
    +Data roaming fix has been implemented
    +Connection/disconnection detection has been improved when using USB
    +Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
    +Wallpaper options are shown when home screen icons are selected
    +Camera improvements have been made to touch-to-focus, notifications and low light performance
    +In-call audio routes to earpiece when connected to headset has been improved
    +Improvements to video streaming pixilation have been made
    +Media sync stability has been improved

    Software Update - Coming Soon! | Verizon Wireless
    03-20-2013 08:24 AM

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