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    Does anyone know of problems when flashing from one carrier to another, then flashing to move back to the first carrier. I've purchased one off ebay with this note:
    "This has a Clean Esn (meid) , was flashed to cricket but just recently did a factory reset. For some reason it will not take the jellybean update. Comes with no sd card or sim card. Phone may or may not work correctly since we used it on cricket we dont have verizon. Sold as-is and there is a clean crack across the screen. Works fine software-wise."

    As to the note about it not taking hte jellybean update, i found another thread with steps on correcting that.

    Thanks in advance...
    08-26-2013 10:33 PM
  2. c_elliott83's Avatar
    Call verizon and check the esn status. If they say its clear and not tied to a account then it should be able to connect to verizon without a issue. If it is not cleared then you would have to use it on cricket or another carrier that allows flashed devices.

    As for the jb update. Check to see if when you call 611, if it goes to cricket or verizons customer service. If it goes to cricket, thats why it wont update. Once the phone is reactivated on verizon the update should be available
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    08-27-2013 09:33 AM

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