1. xyzlene's Avatar
    found this on xda. ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2558551
    neither i nor the developer take any responsibility for any problems that might occur.

    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way. This is the fourth kit kat rom that I have tried..Cm, D Hacker, Aokp.. all buggy.. This build appears to be quite stable.. camera works quite well.. bluetooth, i could not tell ya.. never use it.. but everything else seems to be rock solid, and quite fluid.. Unfortunately you loose root afterwards, but a bit of coding will get you back.. nice to be on the the same build as the N5 with superior battery life...BTW the build is 4.4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our maxx will be receiving kit kat... just about 3 months from now from soviet red.. but in the mean time

    hope it works... btw you need to be on the most recent build of twrp.

    BUUUTTTTTTTT -from an XDA member - Oh, in addition, and this one's probably the biggest killer for me: the phone isn't showing up in "my computer" when I connect it to computer via USB. It took me awhile to figure out a way around this, I ended up finding that adb push would do what I need. But, with the amount of media I drag and drop onto my phone to watch when I'm out, I can't have that happening on a daily basis.

    Sorry, man... although at the end of the day, I do think this is a really great ROM!

    did not mean to hype everyone up.. looks like once you can mount your phone to your computer, this will be on point. be well
    01-04-2014 08:36 PM
  2. xyzlene's Avatar
    The developer for the prior build has caught some bugs... this build is more stable, but not as fluid - CyanogenMod Downloads and gaaps - Google Apps - CyanogenMod.
    01-05-2014 10:22 AM
  3. pegs520's Avatar
    OSE has a great stable 4.4.2 right now, too: https://plus.google.com/communities/...mobile:android

    I'm using it right now with no problems. Running smooth and battery life is great.
    01-06-2014 08:06 PM
  4. vbplayr2000's Avatar
    Cannot find the OSE Rom via the link provided. It shows as a 'Private' group.
    01-23-2014 03:05 AM
  5. pegs520's Avatar
    Cannot find the OSE Rom via the link provided. It shows as a 'Private' group.
    That's the Google+ page.
    Stable release is here:
    Index of /devs/teamose/OSE/Stable/xt926
    01-28-2014 04:14 PM

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