Hello All, newb here and sorry if this is old hat, I searched, I promise.

    Ok: So I finally succumb to upgrading into the great unknown of KK 442. after update No instant brick, whew! New Button graphic, I don't like, Ditto the text screen... It's 4 am and into my second cup o cocayine coffee.

    So while I'm perusing the "upgrade" the phone starts ringing. I'm on the lock screen and I see new and tiny replicas of the old icons while the phone chirps away. I press and swipe and curse etc etc... I then go to make a call, pressing the phone app icon. I get a message telling me that the APp is not installed. I go into WTF? mode. After changing into my super hero cape and leotard, I look again and realize the text icon has changed but not the phone icon... To make a long story short(er)

    7 am: I removed the old phone icon from the screen, dragged the new and "improved" icon from the apps page and everything is hunky dory so far.

    Seriously: I'm old, and in my searching articles and forums for a couple hours for the answer question this seems to be working. HTH
    07-01-2014 10:37 AM

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