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    The system currently has :
    21.11.21.obake-maxx_verizon.Verizon.en.US, 4.4.4 wih Kernel 3.4.42 and build number SU4.21

    I am currently traveling in India, and did an OTA update over reliable wifi with no errors. I immediately saw wifi getting dropped on and off, which I attributed to wifi being flaky where I was (in a Hotel). After a day or so, I was not able to turn on wifi. When I hit the toggle switch it would just go back to off. At this point did the usual searching through forums and came to the conclusion that something went wrong with my update. Got the last version (the one above), and the required USB drives and toolkits to manually upload software again. After trying a bunch clear caches and recovery from fastboot, I did a factory reset and completely wiped everything off - and formatted the storage on the phone. At this point I proceeded to upload everything from scratch and without any hic ups was able to upload 4.4.4 with 21.11.21 version - no errors on the load. Since the update from scratch, I have
    1. cleared my cache
    2. did a factory reset from settings
    3. tried couple of wifi fixers
    4. re clear cache
    5. re did factory settings
    6. compared a stock build prop with what I have and see no difference

    Along the way I discovered my BT does not turn on either (this might have been the case all the time, I just did not notice or need to use BT).
    At this point I am stuck and at a loss - my options seems to be to try a custom ROM , but I have locked bootloader or deem this hardware issue,

    Since I am traveling, non having wifi is turning out be very expensive - and I have two more weeks left.
    Any ideas?
    07-30-2014 04:39 AM

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