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    I have the original Droid Razr which I am very happy with but I also have a Droid Bionic that I use when I need to have more battery life. Pretty much the only reason I have kept the Bionic. I bought a micro-sim adapter to regular sim so I can just use the same 4gLTE simcard between the two phones. I was impressed how I could just swap them back and forth without any problems. Anyways I stopped by my local Verizon today to check out the MAXX and compare the differences. First thing...obvious, the thickness...not bad at all for all that extra batter power. Now the subtle differences. Remember how they said the original Droid Razr had a slight greenish blueish cast to the screen? I do and side by side the Razr maxx vs the original droid razr on a white screen appears the maxx is "whiter" Also the volume rocker seems to be out slightly further...very slight but easer to hit blindly than before. Also the version info is different...my original razr is current but the razr maxx has a later version number so not sure what the differences are but I thought for two phones that are supposed to be the same they would have the same version...guess not. Anyone else notice anything different? I forgot to mention the logo on the front top is now black rather than sliver.
    01-26-2012 07:26 PM
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    I played with one today and I wish I could upgrade to it as the thickness is not bad. I figure if I'm stuck with the top of my phone being thick why bit even it out? Oh well, not spending $600 for a better battery.

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    01-26-2012 07:44 PM