1. AndroidXTC's Avatar
    I know, I should have taken pictures but if you ever want to remove the back its easy breezy. All you do is where the volume buttons are stick your finger nail in between the case back and the housing there is a snap there. Once that snap lets go take a credit card wedge it in there and just advance it around the housing releasing all the snaps. The back is SUPER FLEXIBLE. The housing back is glued to the battery by a re usable sticky tape applied to the battery itself. You have to pull it off the tape really slowly. The battery also appears to be taped to the board below it. I didn't try to remove it.
    02-01-2012 01:02 PM
  2. golgotha's Avatar
    Good to know. Thanks. Fyi this voids your warranty.
    02-03-2012 01:16 AM
  3. cr2's Avatar
    Here are directions on how to completely disassemble the phone:

    And here is re-assembly:

    Have fun! :o)
    02-03-2012 08:16 AM
  4. AndroidXTC's Avatar
    Good to know. Thanks. Fyi this voids your warranty.
    There is no way they will know if the back is removed or not, there is no seal or anything. There is a water indicator in the power switch area however.
    02-03-2012 12:58 PM
  5. FredBassett's Avatar
    Oh they will
    02-03-2012 01:06 PM
  6. TrendyProfessional1's Avatar
    Oh they will
    They aint gonna check.......................
    02-06-2012 08:58 AM
  7. cbreze's Avatar
    That vid is for the razr, no? Not the maxx? I was wanting to see how the bigg battery was installed and still so thin.
    02-06-2012 11:00 AM
  8. AndroidXTC's Avatar
    The way they kept it thin was with the Kevlar backing its paper thin. This is why the back is glued to the battery otherwise it would bow or flex to much. Its a tight sandwich one component glued to the other. This phone is almost case less.
    02-06-2012 12:19 PM