1. asylvia's Avatar
    so i'm new to Android (coming from blackberry) and i have a few questions. on the razr maxx i added two gmail accounts, and have just realized that i have been using the stock email client because it was on my homescreen instead of the gmail app that is under apps.

    my question is, if i use my gmail apps with the stock email client, are they still pushed? i understand that using the gmail app they are pushed instead of polling every 15 mins, but does this apply to the stock client?

    i see in the stock client's settings that there are push options.

    can anyone explain the pros and cons of using either option.

    02-11-2012 07:00 AM
  2. asylvia's Avatar
    after running some tests the stock seems to get the email a tad quicker than gmail
    02-11-2012 07:23 AM
  3. MaXKiLLz's Avatar
    I havent even tried the stock email app. I thought the stock one pulled email, using more battery. This is why i use the gmail app. Is this true?
    02-11-2012 08:46 AM
  4. asylvia's Avatar
    doesn't seem to. it appears that as long as it is a gmail account you are using the stock client uses push to get the emails, just like gmail. mine have been arriving before the gmail app emails actually.
    02-11-2012 01:59 PM