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    The Stock "My Music" app made by motorola is hogging the bluetooth AVRCP controls. Play/pause/Skip commands from my bluetooth do not work in any other music player. I tried clearing autostart default settings in app manager and also scoured through the app trying to disable headset controls. Do I have to root and uninstall?
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    02-15-2012 12:17 PM
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    First, thanks for sending me down this path. I've been trying to fix this problem since my RAZR MAXX was updated to ICS. I love the ICS update but I am a heavy podcast listener (Android Central podcast being one of my absolute favorite) and losing the capability to control the playback using my bluetooth headphone was beyond frustrating. Same issue with my car controls and multiple headphones. No one on the other forums seem to have an idea what was going on and all have been trying multiple delete/adds and configuration resets. None seem to work and all gave up. I didn't even try because none of them made sense to me. Then I came across your comment/question. Your assumption made perfect sense. My phone is rooted so I used Titanium Backup to freeze the My Music app. Voila! The bluetooth controls are now working perfectly. One more added benefit. The lock screen music controls are now appearing consistently without issue. Before this fix, half of the time the lock screen controls would not appear. And at times when it does, it was unresponsive most of the time. Sorry for being a bit long winded but thank you for your hand in fixing this bothersome problem. Hope it works for you. I definitely recommend rooting your phone. Well worth it.
    10-16-2012 11:05 PM