1. jaybro0813's Avatar
    About once a day the Maxx gets very hot and battery drains like crazy. Seems like some app goes bezerk.
    What do I do?
    04-05-2012 06:13 PM
  2. dmmarck's Avatar
    About once a day the Maxx gets very hot and battery drains like crazy. Seems like some app goes bezerk.
    What do I do?
    Do you have watchdog or a similar app to keep an eye on it?
    04-05-2012 06:14 PM
  3. jaybro0813's Avatar
    I do have watchdog and doesn't always tell me
    Occassionally it does
    04-05-2012 10:23 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    How about checking Settings->Battery Information->Battery Use to see if any app seems to be using an inordinate amount of battery life?

    Another option would be to power off and reboot, see if it happens again.
    04-05-2012 11:27 PM
  5. Phadunkin's Avatar
    Howcome right after I order my phone.. NOW all these complaints/issues threads start popping up?

    just my luck.
    04-06-2012 12:22 AM
  6. ghostrider5666's Avatar
    I reviewed this phone and had noticed that under heavy use it does get hot.
    04-06-2012 12:31 AM
  7. bed269's Avatar
    The only time I've noticed mine getting hot is when I watch live stream for hours at a time. I assume that is only normal. But I it does get hot enough for me to feel it through the otterbox case.

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    04-06-2012 12:37 AM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Phadunkin, don't sweat it. The majority of posts are still along the lines of, "This phone rocks!" I'm guessing the OP's issue is due to some culprit app that is staying awake and trying constantly to access the web for some reason.

    Most devices these days, especially the 4G ones, get pretty warm with heavy use--it's kind of unavoidable if you want power and speed. If it's any comfort, my old HTC Droid Incredible got considerably warmer than my Maxx, and that was just 3G.
    04-06-2012 12:47 AM
  9. jaybro0813's Avatar
    My only response is that it occurs like once a day and really drains the battery big time. I was not using the phone much at the time. It seems to center around word with friends app. Any insight?
    04-06-2012 10:30 AM
  10. dmmarck's Avatar
    WWF always checks in the background over a fixed interval of time. Try making the syncing/checking to be of a greater time, not every minute or whatever.
    04-06-2012 10:55 AM
  11. jaybro0813's Avatar
    So it's 6 am- on the charger all night. Got up and played all 7 open hands of word with Friends and the maxx is really hot. Checked out watchdog and there are no apps misbehaving. What should I do? Any other app to tell me what is heating up the maxx? If it is WWF now what?
    04-07-2012 06:02 AM
  12. jaybro0813's Avatar
    and once hot what is best way to cool it off
    04-08-2012 09:57 AM
  13. dmmarck's Avatar
    and once hot what is best way to cool it off
    Throw it in the freezer.


    I usually just stop using it and put it down for a half an hour or so.

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    04-08-2012 02:48 PM
  14. Phadunkin's Avatar
    This ^ Just give it a breather.
    04-08-2012 05:08 PM
  15. Jomo94's Avatar
    Ah ha! I think I've found the culprit scotty! What was happening with mine is the 4g radio is always transmitting data, thus why it was getting hot. I finally was able to trace down the Email client as the culprit. It was constantly transmitting who know's what all the time, keeping the data transmission going. I went into the setting of the email client, and I told each of my email accounts (I have 2) to sync on Wifi only. Being that we have Wifi at the Office, and at home, I figured there is no since in me receiving emails while I'm driving, or out on a hot date with my wife. I've tested it now over the last 2 days with very positive results. My Maxx has yet to get hot, and my battery life has lasted for the last 2 days with juice to spare. I used a combination of Watchguard, Trafficstat, and Systempanel (All free apps) to narrow this one down. I would recommend if anyone else is having the same problem, use these three apps and see what is chewing up the most cpu, and what is transmitting data. Start configuring these programs and or services to put an end to this epidemic.

    Hope this one helps out the community, as this plagued me for the last 3 weeks... Alas, no more carrying around a charger!
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    07-24-2012 01:38 PM
  16. rsxtcy4me's Avatar
    I wonder if setting it only synch once an hour would be good enough? I dont have wifi at work. Anyone??
    07-27-2012 03:42 PM
  17. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    worth a shot
    07-27-2012 03:44 PM
  18. tsalagiman's Avatar
    I've had my Maxx a few months, and for the first time it got very hot today which I could feel through the Otterbox. The screen was off and the phone had been in standby for about four hours. Once it got hot, it only took a couple of hours more for the battery to drain completely. It took about fifteen to twenty minutes on charge before the phone would even turn back on.
    05-15-2015 08:58 PM