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    i have a stock nexus 4g with the stock ics update. i hate this phone and i hate sprint, or is it just one?

    the phone eats battery life with little to no usage, it performs sub par all over, i regularly drop phone calls at home and at work (only time i dont is when im driving on the highway which you know is loaded with coverage anyways), 4g only works on highway even tho sprints coverage map shows my entire area with very good coverage, the phone cant hold a solid connection with any wifi connection, the gps either takes 10 min to find me or doesnt find me with all bars connected to 3g, if i take a different route than the gps says it takes 10 min or never finds me again to re-route me (wtf so annoying). this is also my 3rd nexus 4g after 2 replacements thinking most of these things would change, but nope! i truly believe samsung has/knows they made something inferior, ics didnt bring any life into the phone at all.

    do people with the maxx or with verizon experience these things? i dont know if its the shtty phone or shtty sprint. this is my first smart phone and i am very unhappy with my investment. the maxx's stats blow the nexus 4g out of the water but that doesnt mean anything if verizon sucks. any thoughts or opinions?
    04-20-2012 11:37 PM
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    Its sprint! U get what up pay for

    Sent from Steve Jobs' grave
    04-20-2012 11:50 PM
  3. wxman2003's Avatar
    I am on verizon. Just watched 2 MLB games on 4G. Still over 50% battery life.
    04-21-2012 12:22 AM
  4. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your issues.

    Do you have Verizon LTE in your area? I can tell you that it's 100 times better than Sprint's 4G.

    I think you will be very happy with the Maxx. GPS locks fast, and it has great radios.
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    04-21-2012 07:20 AM
  5. kpazzo6's Avatar
    this was my post about a week ago in another forum...

    I have been with Sprint for 6+ years and have never experienced constant dropped calls, echoing while talking to someone, text messages sent not received/delayed, text messages to me not received/delayed, 1998 dial up speeds while surfing the net on my samsung epic touch 4g, no 4g service at all or very spotty...the last straw was the runaround from sprint customer service. no answers, playing stupid that they dont know whats going on and asking us to restart phone, go to a tech center so they don't have to deal with you over the phone, the constant excuses and lies.

    I just recently switched to Verizon and it was the best move ever. I pay more money monthly but you get what you pay for and in this case RELIABLE service and TRUE 4G SPEED! Also the company you work for might get you a monthly discount so make sure you ask, I get 20% off which helped.

    My new phone Motorola Razr Maxx pretty much is same size as Samsung Epic Touch 4G but with more features and an awesome battery life...I take my phone off charger at 730am and it lasts till midnight with HEAVY usage (probably average 8 gb a month) and not once charging it at office or in car.
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    04-21-2012 08:53 AM
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    I mentioned this on a VZW Nexus post. If you read the vzw nexus posts, you will notice the abnormally high reports of rf issues with that phone. Some posts say that custom ROMs can fix it while others aren't so sure. Its all too unreliable for me. I dont have an enormous amount of friends that use Sprint but the ones that do, complain about the coverage contantly. Having that phone on Sprint's network is a double negative in my opinion and I predict that all those excited new Nexus owners will be lighting up these boards with rf coverage complaints by months end. I am hoping for them that I'm wrong.
    04-21-2012 09:57 PM
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    I have the Maxx in a great LTE area and I don't experience any of those issues. My battery life is great because the battery is so big and my connection is awesome. GPS and Google maps works instantly all the time. I do occasionally experience the LTE drop out and lose data connection for a minute or two. It doesn't happen often and has not happened during navigation.
    04-21-2012 11:18 PM
  8. biggdogg9's Avatar
    Don't blame sprint for ever little thing i had a old samsung moment that drop call, gps sucked could not lock on, text massage two says later ect.replace it with a evo 4g and never hada problem again
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    04-22-2012 12:00 AM
  9. LBTRS's Avatar
    I don't experience any of those issues with my RAZR MAXX on Verizon. My phone works perfectly without any issues for me and my wife who has one as well. Now, my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon operated much the same as yours so I replaced it as my daily phone.
    04-22-2012 11:24 AM
  10. hungryhippo69's Avatar

    yeah i do get a discount through my employer, i dont know what it is, havent ever checked. while verizons plans are higher $ wise, i think ill be getting what im paying for. i was happier while i had cricket, why have all the features not work when you can have a killer plan with a low end phone?
    04-22-2012 11:19 PM
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    I was with Sprint from 1998 until last month. They have the cheapest plans and used to have the best coverage in DFW. Since January, however, I have struggled to get service at my house (I live in the city, not in BFE) and the data has been very slow and unreliable on my Epic 4G. I spoke with Sprint several times and they gave me a variety of excuses...reorganizing towers, my phone is outdated, transitional state, etc. There answer was always to buy a new phone and extend my contract. I was also disappointed that I have to pay $10/month for 4G service and only once in 18 months was I able to use it.

    Anyway.......I broke my phone while visiting a friend for the weekend out in BFE (where my phone never had service anyhow) and noticed that he was using Verizon just fine and was getting much better speed clear out there than I was in Dallas. So I switched. On Saturday, my brother (with Sprint) and I were eating lunch by the airport. We both ran Speedtest.net's app at the same time. My Verizon speeds were 15MB down and 13MB up. His were .9MB down and .045MP up. That made me feel much better about my switch!

    I have only been with Verizon for a week, but I have been mostly happy. I do miss the way that Sprint's plans are all inclusive and you don't have to worry. There service centers make it easy to repair your phone quickly if needed. I hat the way that Verizon nickle and dimes you on every little service and that you have to mail your phone off for any work. But I needed reliable data, and Sprint didn't have it. So far, Verizon does.

    Just my experiences.
    04-23-2012 08:38 AM
  12. cbreze's Avatar
    As stated, "it's Sprint" and you really don't get much coverage wise. Verizon is far superior in their coverage. I had Sprint and am in the basement trying to use my phone. the signal is so weak it keeps dropping but, it won't trigger verizon roaming tho, because I'm in a Sprint service area. Wait, did I say service? What service? So I'm out of luck. I dump sprint and use same(verizon) phone in same basement. FULL BARS! Go figure. I couldn't dump Sprint fast enough. Verizon has coverage in places I never thought possible. very comforting in an emergency situation IMHO.
    As for the razr maxx, Best RF of any phone I've used to date. Crystal clear calls and 3G is everywhere. 4G if your in the city of course. There is so much bad rap re the sam's hung devices and their crappy Rf it's nuts. I mean it's a phone first, right? I choose stellar RF and data service over a slightly better screen any day, ANYDAY!! Case closed. What matters is what works for you. My maxx is working for me. Good Luck!
    04-23-2012 12:31 PM