1. cgaines2101's Avatar
    So I try to download apps fromt eh play store and I keep getting a notification claiming the size is requiring a WiFi connection? Why is this? I do not have a WiFi signal at the moment and didn't require it before.
    05-30-2012 04:50 PM
  2. cgaines2101's Avatar
    In addition to that I have 17 app updates and it will not let me update without WiFi? I find this to be odd. Anyone else have ths issue?
    05-30-2012 05:01 PM
  3. 91dancer's Avatar
    There is an option to change that in the settings for the Play Store. Just uncheck the box for "download only on wifi".

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    05-30-2012 05:09 PM
  4. cgaines2101's Avatar
    Actually, i just realized after talking with customer support that the "data saver" was on and stopping all bloatware updates and other operations. LOL

    Learn my device. Learn my device. Learn my device. over and over until maybe one day i will actually learn my device! LOL
    05-30-2012 05:16 PM
  5. Rockdwg's Avatar
    i am having this same issue, but i have gone through an made sure my update only over wifi is turned off and my data saver is turned off. It is not telling me what needs to be Updated either just that it is 5 items and needs wifi to update

    any thoughts on that??
    06-03-2012 11:53 AM