02-14-2018 07:22 AM
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  1. Meticulous2006's Avatar
    I am truly amazed that this problem (of randomly linking contacts in Android) continues after sooo many years well into Jun 2017 and despite that Android has captured such a market share!

    The problem: Android randomly links 2 or 3 contacts randomly and shows as one contact - the 3 contacts may not have either the same first name, last name, none of the telephone numbers or emails are same or even from the same domain and even the work or home address is different!!! HEAR THIS ANDROID DEVELOPERS AND PHONE MANUFACTURES - STOP DECIDING WHAT TO LINK - LEAVE IT TO US!

    Am not sure where the problem lies - is it with i) Google Contacts - dont think so since the Contacts online are not merged into one the way they are on Android (not automatically at least) ii) is it with Android itself - maybe quite likely iii) is it also because of the phone manufacturer (ie Samsung, Motorola etc) - possible but have no idea.

    All I can say is that I have faced this INSANE problem only on Android phones of any make - HTC, Samsung and LG and Motorola!

    I have about 5500 contacts, all in Gmail Contacts and all are in My Contacts (not in Other Contacts). I have disabled Facebook on my phone and only have WhatsApp as a group messaging application. I have not installed twitter, linked-in etc. Despite this Android keeps on linking (merging 2 or more contacts so they show as one) on the phone. So if I look up a contact in the address book to call or message the person, the call may get connected to a totally different person!! This has happened several times so far!


    At this rate I may actually have to switch to iOS - the only reason I am stuck to Android right now is that I like (an need) a Dual-SIM phone with an external Memory card. My Samsung A7 has dual 4G VoLTE slots and a micro SD card slot in which I have a 512GB card. I may just as well carry two phones - the main one being an iOS with the contacts!

    From all the posts I have read, there is no way to stop this INSANE process of linking contacts in Android - however if anyone has a solution please post ASAP. I have already bought a iPhone 7 and is still in wraps!
    06-07-2017 09:07 AM
  2. AhmetToca's Avatar
    I just registered just to be able to say "wow!" to this topic. I'm sure this is arranged by some genius apple guy to sabotage android, there is no other explanation for this. Yes the same apple who recently confessed that they are slowing old devices when they launch a new device.

    After so many years of using apple, I stopped using apple recently due to apple stop making improvement in their phones and bought myself a Note 8.

    One contact in China and the other guy is in Europe, numbers are different names are different, everything is different but Android still combining numbers :S Very annoying. How possibly can be doing that?
    02-14-2018 07:22 AM
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