1. shoebidou's Avatar
    I just bought my Razr Maxx on Verizon (CDMA) a couple of months ago, but it turns out I'll be moving from the US to Canada in August. Especially with the ICS update coming and unlocking the global features, will there be any way I can use it on the Rogers GSM network full-time up there, LTE and everything? I really really really like the Maxx and don't want to downgrade to the regular Razr (since it doesn't look like Canada is getting the Maxx anytime soon).
    06-23-2012 12:52 AM
  2. p08757's Avatar
    If you call Verizon customer support, they should be able to unlock your phone so you can use it on any GSM network, now that ICS has opened up the GSM radios. This will only be good for the GSM radios. LTE will not work. Good luck!
    06-25-2012 03:10 PM
  3. bluwtr49's Avatar
    I just used mine on two trips to Quebec and it worked fine. I did obtain a the options for Canadian data and voice. Of course that is not using the ICS OS so I don't know what will change but it's doubtful it would be worse.
    06-25-2012 05:35 PM