12-25-2015 07:53 PM
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  1. hazelgreen's Avatar
    My first Maxx lost ALL sound completely, so I'm on my second Maxx. I occasionally have issues with no sound, whether it be ringing or text or music. If it happens, I just usually make a call to someone or just a vmail, and for some reason that seems to fix the sound. I would imagine that it's a software issue, right? Anyway, it's annoying, but it's the only way I've been able to get sound back thus far. Hasn't happened too often lately (*cross fingers*), but if I does I will call Verizon again.
    01-07-2013 11:11 AM
  2. SirGeorgeKillian's Avatar
    Happened to me occasionally. Plug a headphone plug in your jack and unplug it. Worked 99% of the time for me.
    01-08-2013 09:06 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I'm hopeful that the JB update fixed the intermittent sound-dropping problem. Haven't experienced it since the update, and before, it would happen every 1-2 days. Anyone else notice an improvement?
    03-15-2013 03:03 PM
  4. BadGirlBaller's Avatar
    I have an Android phone and it's not making sound at all ...... i already miss phonecalls and mgs and even music, alarm but when i put the earpiece there's a sound ?
    What does it mean?

    Sorry for my bad english
    06-03-2013 02:29 AM
  5. melonknee1127's Avatar
    I'm having the same issues NO noise at all. I had my media sound turned down so I turned it up to see if it was a global no sound issue. I still had no sound then 5 mins later it came back on for 30 sec and then turned off again and no mater what I do no sound.
    06-12-2013 05:04 PM
  6. SoccerRef12's Avatar
    I had a problem with intermittent sound through the speakers, but phone calls, BT and headphones was fine......hmmmmm, maybe just a problem with the external speaker? I played some music and pressed slightly on the external speaker and......SOUND!!!!! Ended up being a loose external speaker connection so I was able to replace it within my one year warranty period. Try pressing a little on the external speaker and see if that temporarily fixes it.
    06-13-2013 02:39 PM
  7. rfPapaBear's Avatar
    I just had the sound problem when I got off work this morning. In researching it, I see that people have a different mix of sound problems. Here's what mine were. I could hear my ringtone and other tones (text, alert, alarm, etc). I couldn't hear any music. I couldn't hear the other person on a phone call. I couldn't hear system sounds like the camera shutter and touch tones. Pinching the area by the speaker did nothing. I saw this post about plugging in headphones and removing them. When I plugged in headphones, I could hear everything that I couldn't before. But only through the headphones. When I unplugged them, the problem remained. Just for the heck of it, I sprayed some Dust Off into the headphone jack. PRESTO! I have sound now.

    I pretty much never use my headphone jack. I connect my Maxx to my car stereo all the time, but I use the car dock with the USB jack that carries the sound to the aux jack in my stereo, rather than the headphone jack on the phone. I'm wondering if sticking a little piece of rubber in the jack might prevent the problem. I'm thinking it just gets contaminated with dust.
    07-25-2013 11:08 AM
  8. ronhirata's Avatar
    THANK YOU B.DIDDY!!!! (Yes all caps. It was driving me crazy) Selecting a different ring tone did wake up my phone sound!
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    08-20-2013 04:36 PM
  9. Sandria Anderson's Avatar
    I have the same problem , it is annoying
    04-05-2015 08:19 PM
  10. Matt Strom's Avatar
    I find sound will occasionally stop after I pull out the headphones cord. It seems to not get the hardware message that the ear buds have been removed and it is time to switch system audio back to the speaker. When this happens it still runs as if there are no problems.

    If I plug the earbuds back in, pause, then quickly remove them, it usually corrects the problem.

    This is the single annoyance I have with this phone but:

    1. I briefly had a Galaxy Nexus that ran ICS and had the same problem before I chose the RAZR MAXX for other reasons.

    2. When the ICS update came for the RAZR MAXX that is when this started for this phone as well.

    I am hoping that once Jelly Bean is ready for this phone it will cure this problem.

    I can second this, as the discussed sound problem only started happening to me a couple days ago when I had used my headphones with my phone
    05-11-2015 11:13 AM
  11. gemma124's Avatar
    The sounddoctor app fixed my sounds problems and added a year to the life of my device

    took one click! wish i had found it earlier
    12-25-2015 07:53 PM
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