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    I was recently able to compare general battery usage while my Maxx was being protected by Lookout, and then Avast. These are 2 highly regarded Android security apps, listed in multiple reputable sites as in the top 5. I had been using Lookout for a while, which is a good app, but the free version only gives you basic antivirus scans and lost device functions, whereas you have to pay a yearly subscription fee for other features like Privacy Advisor and Safe Browsing. Avast provides these features for free, and also has a more robust anti-theft functionality. It can do neat things like disguise itself so that a thief won't realize the phone is being tracked, giving the owner a higher chance of recovery. On top of that, Avast takes up a little less memory than Lookout.

    That being said, I found that after using Avast for a couple of weeks, the battery drained noticeably faster, without any clear indication of a specific app causing the drain on the Battery Use screen. With Lookout installed, and with my relatively light-moderate use, my battery would typically be down to the 80s at the end of the day starting from a full charge (YEAH MAXX). With Avast installed, it would get down more to the 70s, even high 60s with the same amount of use. After reinstalling Lookout, battery use went back to what it was.

    So if you're considering one of these apps, and battery usage is important to you (which, understably, isn't a huge deal for those of us with a Maxx), then I suggest going for Lookout.
    08-11-2012 09:16 PM
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    I run lookout and see no significant hit on ram use or performance. I do disable automatic scheduled scanning & do not use the backup feature. I consider Android A/V as minimally effective and on a clean handset, scanning downloads is probably their best protection. Since the price is right and there's no apparent down side, why not run one is the way I look at it.

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    08-11-2012 10:04 PM