1. Ms Charli's Avatar
    Anyone else having problems with their display dimming very quickly. For some reason my display dims after a couple of seconds and I don't know where the setting is to stop it from doing this. I need my display to stay on for a minute or more. Every time I change it in the display in settings , it seem like it changes back automatically can anyone help or give me any suggestions.

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    08-23-2012 06:48 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is it set to Auto Brightness? If so, it may be dimming because the light sensor thinks it's relatively dark, and therefore the screen doesn't have to be too bright. The light sensor is at the top of the phone, near the Motorola logo--make sure nothing is blocking it (like your finger, a case, or screen saver).
    08-23-2012 06:51 PM
  3. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    Do you have Light Flow installed?

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    08-23-2012 10:32 PM
  4. dawizel56's Avatar
    Check your Smart Actions app and make sure you do not have one that is active.
    08-25-2012 11:40 AM
  5. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    This option for the amoled needs to be unchecked in Light Flow. It will cause the screen to dim. Took me forever to figure it out.

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    08-25-2012 11:57 AM