1. evoldroid's Avatar
    Im on Arctic HD and i remember having a .apk that allowed be to have quick settings on it. But some how i deleted it and would like it again.Does anyone know where i can find it at to download it again? Just so we are straight im talking about sliding the homescreen to the right and have the setttings appear lol
    01-14-2013 06:50 PM
  2. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    you could take the ArcticHD zip file and extract the .apk for that and install it back on your phone.
    01-15-2013 08:24 AM
  3. evoldroid's Avatar
    you could take the ArcticHD zip file and extract the .apk for that and install it back on your phone.
    No harm intended...But what you said is like Chinese to me lol
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    01-15-2013 12:44 PM
  4. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    but... but... its the only answer i have
    01-15-2013 01:02 PM
  5. evoldroid's Avatar
    There was a apk that allowed me to do it on Arctic hd
    01-15-2013 01:06 PM
  6. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    i know it is part of the new launcher on the Razr M.

    do this, make a backup of your setup in safestrap. then just flash arctic again without wiping data and see if that reverts it back to the way you wanted. no fears, because you just made a backup that you can fall back on if things go astray.
    01-15-2013 02:00 PM
  7. evoldroid's Avatar
    ok gonna try it now
    01-15-2013 07:03 PM
  8. evoldroid's Avatar
    Nope no luck
    01-15-2013 07:16 PM
  9. carracerz14's Avatar
    I'll just leave this here.


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    01-15-2013 11:35 PM
  10. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    You don't sleep do you....

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    01-16-2013 06:23 AM
  11. carracerz14's Avatar
    Not too often :sly:

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    01-16-2013 06:42 AM
  12. evoldroid's Avatar
    Thanks for the help guys i have it working now.
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    01-17-2013 07:14 PM

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