1. speedfreek64's Avatar
    Is there a way to link another folder to the menu that comes up when attaching audio to a text? I've got a custom folder loaded with my funny sound bites and I want to be able to access it when texting. Right now all my sound bites and music get lumped together which makes finding the exact sound bite a real pain. Hopefully someone has an answer!
    01-15-2013 10:07 PM
  2. MrHost's Avatar
    You can install es file explorer and then you can browse to the folder and file of your choice.

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using Android Central Forums
    01-15-2013 10:46 PM
  3. speedfreek64's Avatar
    Thanks! Just what I was looking for! I was going nuts trying to figure a way to solve this!
    01-15-2013 11:24 PM

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