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    Ya know! The Maxx is a great phone...and perhaps many have already solved Phone Specific issues and have moved on to application issues like the one I solved today, after 4.5 months..
    Specifically with iHeart Radio and the affect the Adblock Plus app had on iHeart Radio. As Follows: FYI

    To: support@iheartradio.com
    Hi, I've got a Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Razr Maxx; OTA upgraded from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich, Upgraded again OTA to Jelly Bean, over this past year.
    That's my phone status. BTW each of these upgrades has been totally successful for most of the apps I do have installed.
    I've tested the iHeart Radio application on 4G & 3G wireless and it seems to operate, flawlessy....Hooray !
    But I'm at home, using the application on my Time Warner Cable Router-Modem-Wifi box, a Motorola SBG6580.
    iHeart Radio will come on every time at first and operate for at least a minute or two or five minutes in a row and then cut out.
    A simple STOP button press and then PLAY button press brings it back every time, until the next minute or so and then cuts out again.
    I've tried placing my phone in different locations but No Joy on WiFi. I've checked all my settings related to WiFi and to iHeart Radio and they are good.
    So why does it keep cutting out I wonder. Is Time Warner interrupting the bitstream for some reason?
    Thanks for your attention

    **** The following comments originally posted Jan 31 2013 and subsequent updates May 6, 2013 on Google Play Store App site for iHeart Radio **** Read from bottom up by date ****

    Part III - May 6, 2013 - I have discovered "THE" Cause, for iHeart Radio not working on WiFi on my Moto Doroid Razr Maxx...and that cause was another application called Adblock Plus. I discovered this by disabling, one by one, each active application I had open, and patiently waiting for iHeart Radio NOT to Cut Out....Hooray! Now I know someone either at iHeart Radio and/or at Google Play Store knows about this and other affects of one app by another app...it's just ashame no-one will publish these issues in a Public Repository when you know Darn Well they both are seeing the causes of a lot of these type problems...Sigh! Tech Wars are in Full Swing for sure.Only a few know it's happening.

    Part II - May 6, 2013 Received email from Google Play about iHeart resolution and new iHeart upgrade 4.6.2 and gave it try. Now it works fine on 4G & 3G flawlessly. WiFi still has cut out issues. Checked all of my settings on my Moto Droid Razr Maxx and on iHeart and all there seems just fine. Investigating the cut out issue from my ISP provider (Time Warner Cable) and the Cable Router Modem Wifi device I use. Will check back soon when I solve this issue with iHeart and their app.

    Part I - Jan 31, 2013 iheart radio no workee on anything above GB...Says so right in their own FAQs... So if you have upgraded your android phone above OS Gingerbread, and you're having problems with Iheart radio on your android smartphone, this is the reason. Go to their own (iHeart) FAQs about what firmware you must have. Too bad the app Dev's haven't found time to upgrade the app to here iheart radio... iheart radio must be furious by now about it. Maybe they don't know? Oh Well....who cares,,right?

    The Original Subject Line was... iHeart Radio No Workee on Android phones above GB
    05-06-2013 08:24 PM

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