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    Hello guys.

    My Razr Maxx (german) is trying to die on me, it seems...
    No idea what this means. Googled quite a bit, did not find anything.

    Now... the device's been dropped from the 3rd floor . Nothing cracked, the only noticeable problem was that sometimes my signal would get low while in a call. The device is rooted. I was running Liquid Smooth. Haven't had any issues of that kind before. My battery life was good.
    One morning, I just woke up to this...

    Nothing happens when I press the power button. This battery icon appears when I press the volume buttons.
    I've left the device alone for a while as I was quite busy. The battery was flat as the screen did not turn on when I pressed the buttons. I connected it to the charger, the red Moto logo appeared and then the battery icon after a few moments...

    12-19-2014 12:30 PM

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