1. kenolsen's Avatar
    For the last twelve hours I can't get my email accounts to update. When I restarted phone and then refreshed account I got email. Won't do it automatically. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?
    12-09-2011 08:38 AM
  2. Deron Baker's Avatar
    Try looking through your menus. Make sure background data is enabled. Also look into the Accounts submenu of your settings and make sure those email accounts have Sync turned on.

    I use a free app called Dazzle from the Market. It has a bunch of Widgets. One of them toggles on and off the Sync for my accounts. I put that widget on my home screen so I can turn on or off syncing and have a visual indicator that Syncing is on.

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    12-10-2011 10:47 AM
  3. mythreeboyz's Avatar
    I too am having the problem. i cant figure it out. also my old droid would remove any emails i deleted on my comp but this one wont. it keeps showing everything and wont update even if i hit the Sync button.
    12-15-2011 09:26 AM
  4. looie999's Avatar
    This has become such a problem for me with no real answers coming. I am still on my 30-day trial. As much as it pains me, I am switching back to my Blackberry!! It's the only thing that does E-mail well. I hate to do it!! Please!! Anyone know what's up? Sometimes it sync, most times it needs a manual sync. I have background data on, folders set to push and sync. My corp. Exchange works fine but my AOL does not. I wake up in the morning and see a few E-mails on AOL. I then hit manual sync and 20 more come in!! Do I have a defective phone or is it user error?? ThNKS
    12-17-2011 12:01 PM
  5. Deron Baker's Avatar
    Not sure what's going on with your phone. But I can say that my GF uses AOL mail and she has problems getting it to work correctly on her Droid X, yet her AOL mail works perfect on her iPad 2. It seems that the Gingerbread email program does not play nice with AOL.

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    12-18-2011 01:10 AM