1. slapshots's Avatar
    Hello I am new here and am looking to get a bluetooth car kit. I have been researching online a few. i like the Jabra Freeway, the motorola Roadster and teh BlueAnt S4. I have it down to the Roadster or the BlueAnt. the Freeway I like but, I don't like the $70 per year subscription you have to get to be able to text. I am torn the BlueAnt doesn't have the FM Transmitter but, you can for free get a free app from the Android market to text. the Roadster has both features but, I am confused a little the Motorola page says it is not compatible but other internet sites that sell it say it is. Can anyone tell me if the Roadster will pair with the maxx. As well open to suggestions for other options. i want all the capibilites that the roadster has. If I had to do without a feature it would be the transmitter because I want texting. Thanks
    02-23-2012 08:44 AM
  2. colforbin's Avatar
    I have the Roadster paired with my RAZR and it is fine. Also used it with my old Droid 2. I will say that my RAZR takes a little longer to find and pair with the Roadster than the D2 did, but other than that it works. I've been mostly very happy with the Roadster. FM transmitter works better than the 2 previous ones I tried and the voice quality is good. Like most technology these dyas, it is not without some occasional bugs. I've had mine spontaneously reboot a couple times, but then again so has my phone.
    02-23-2012 09:01 AM