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    I'm using a stock razr and am wondering why all of the sudden it started getting hot and draining the battery in a very short time frame. Its getting so hot it is uncomfortable to hold onto! Any ideas or suggestions?

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    03-18-2012 11:31 PM
  2. cmoore2004's Avatar
    When this happens open the task manager and see if there is any app using a lot of CPU. Mine will get warm if I leave Torque running after I exit my vehicle as it is constantly searching for my OBD2 adapter.

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    03-18-2012 11:50 PM
  3. MA2GA28's Avatar
    A new app you installed maybe running in the background?

    But if the phone is hot enough to not be able to hold it, that's an issue IMO. The warmest I've seen my phone get, according to my battery widget, is 98 degrees, but even then I can hold it with just a slight feeling of warmth.
    03-19-2012 12:48 AM
  4. cubus's Avatar
    Do you by any chance use any docks? If yes, you may started seeing evbridge process eating your battery all of a sudden. Just started happening to me last Friday after all those crapware Verizone apps updates.
    Now i'm undocking the phone and rebooting everytime.
    03-19-2012 08:19 AM
  5. jdcaddell's Avatar
    Do you by any chance use any docks? If yes, you may started seeing evbridge process eating your battery all of a sudden. Just started happening to me last Friday after all those crapware Verizone apps updates.
    Now i'm undocking the phone and rebooting everytime.
    Nope no docks. It just started happening all if the sudden. One day it was fine, next day its hot as can b.

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    03-19-2012 03:51 PM
  6. dontlookatme's Avatar
    Are u always on 4g? It gets really hot when I use 4g for long periods of time. Or a combination of 4g and low signal and charging at the same time.

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    03-20-2012 12:11 PM
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    Streaming movies to the lapdock is what gets mine warm. I just take the otter box defender cover off the handset, seems to be fine then.
    03-20-2012 07:40 PM
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    I just had this happen to me yesterday.

    I always keep GPS off, but turned it on yesterday when I was looking up some things. I did some web browsing, and noticed when I was done my Razr Maxx was very warm. I started freaking out!

    I turned the phone off for aboput 30 minutes, it cooled it down a bit then after turning it back on it started to heat up a bit.

    I tried to figure out what I did to cause it, and the only thing I can remember was turning on the GPS. So I turned OFF GPS and the phone cooled back down to it's normal level.

    So for some reason, having GPS on, even though I wasn't using the GPS anymore was heating the phone up for some reason. I dunno why that happened, but problem solved...atleast for me.

    Thankfully I hardly ever use the GPS in the phone. But now I am wondering if I want to use it if the phone will always heat up like that.

    03-21-2012 10:01 AM
  9. dontlookatme's Avatar
    My phone gets warm every now and then specialty when I use it an extreme amount of time. My thunderbolt use to get hot to the point where I will put it in the freezer just for it to cool down. I remember removing the battery case and put it in the freezer for about a minute at time just so I can use it again.

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    03-21-2012 10:04 AM
  10. trophyking's Avatar
    I always leave my GPS on, my razr never gets hot not even warm it only gtes warm when I am gamming alot. That was a noan problem they were going to have with the razr maxx. Over size battery with extra heat!! That is why I got the razr and not the razr maxx. The battery last longer on my razr than it did on my Droid X and Droid X2.
    03-21-2012 10:30 AM
  11. fyrman49's Avatar
    There seems to be a lot of different reasons. Mine did it after I first got it while I was on the train and listening to music. Even after I noticed it, I stop using music player and the phone continued to heat up more. I do remember the first Moto RAZR flip phones (circa 2004) heating up and catching fire in the pockets of people. The solution then was they placed a thin sheet of plastic between the components and the battery. also seems to me to be the battery that is heating up. Same problem with the RAZR MAXX?
    03-22-2012 08:35 PM
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    Batteries get hot. That's just how it works. Something is running and using the battery. There are basically only 3 things in your phone to get hot. That's your battery, CPU,and GPU. Since the CPU and GPU is in the muddle of the phone you will not feel these but for as the battery it will get hot when something is constantly using it. Have you ever felt a battery pack out of a RC electric car/truck after a good race? Can't even touch them bare handed sometimes.

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    04-01-2012 08:15 AM
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    Batteries get hot when with heavy use, this is normal. Same problems here. I downloaded this app called cool down phone and it actually helped my phone when it was quite hot. Hope this helps!
    08-09-2012 09:01 AM
  14. kgk1985's Avatar
    When i use gps on my car mount, my screen temp protection mode comes on. I also have it plugged in when this happens. Charging +gps+ screen on + 80^= hot phone

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    08-13-2012 04:44 AM
  15. dontlookatme's Avatar
    80+ degrees only? I've gotten up to 130+ degrees

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    08-13-2012 11:27 PM
  16. lokey's Avatar
    Mine (maxx) ran hot and started draining the battery very quickly(dead in 6 hrs.) I did a factory reset and all is normal now.

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    08-14-2012 11:11 AM
  17. bradenfontaine's Avatar
    would be helpful if you guys posted the battery temps. there are many apps that can read battery temps, try a few out. danger zone i believe is 60*C
    08-14-2012 11:55 AM
  18. twofirstnames's Avatar
    Same as Lokey in post #16. Maxx ran hot for months--maybe since day one--but a factory default reset did the trick. Plug in phone and sync, then to reset: (System Settings > Privacy > Factory Default Reset). Thanks to Google, the rebuilding after resetting process is quick and fairly painless--WAY better than it was with my iPhone. Maxx was done in 15 minutes; iPhone took four hours.

    Note that it still gets warm in areas with bad cell coverage. Warm, not hot.

    If on wifi and very light use, I'll now use about 1% of the battery per hour (in an area with poor cell coverage). Yup--possibly several days between charges. With heavy use and off of wifi, I might be able to drain the battery in a day.

    Some suggestions:
    **Turn off 'Standalone GPS' unless you need it. Google and VZW location services are enough in many cases
    **Get GSam Battery Monitor (used to be Bad *** Battery) from the Play Store. Does a great job showing power use.
    **If you spend a lot of time in a non- or poor-4G area, switch phone from 4G to GSM (System Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > GSM/UMTS)

    Thanks to these forums for helping me so much!

    12-22-2012 10:33 AM