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    Hold on everyone this one will touch a few buttons. My Razr began showing screen glass separation beginning at the top of the device. In an attempt to be proactive, I began pursuing a Motorola warranty claim (I bought the phone 3rd pty). Spoke to a CS agent, who agreed its a warranty issue opened up a RMA and told me he would e-mail me instructions and shipping authorizations. I got the info and when dropping the phone off to Fed Ex, they told me sorry, no authorization, this is on your dime. I needed the phone fixed, so I sent it off and upon returning home got on a Live Chat with a CS rep. She gave me the 'ol' sorry but nothing I can do. I asked if she could appreciate my frustration with her own coworker sending me on this path. She offered me a 10% coupon to BUY MORE STUFF. I declined, and informed her I was rather insulted by this offer. Moving ahead, I get an e-mail today from Motorola saying that my phone will not be repaired, it's got moisture damage. They send me a pix of an open phone with a moisture sensor showing red. They close by saying, the phone is being sent back. I follow up with an e-mail asking for clarification since the phone left my hands completely running fine, but with a screen separation. I get a call back from a CS supervisor, who gives me the firm, moisture sensors show exposure, too bad we don't touch it speech. She admitted that of the 2 sensors only one showed moisture. I walked her through my whole experience, and asked if she looked it my whole episode in totality could she understand my frustration and now suspicion. I got a response, it's our policy and I will send the phone back... closing with a rather condescending "Have a Nice Day!" I have sent follow up e-mails to Motorola expressing my displeasure with my assurances that I would accurately share this experience with the Android Central community.
    Nuff said
    06-21-2012 04:43 PM
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    Shouldn't you pursue the 3rd party that may have sold you the damaged phone? They probably knew it was water damaged and decided to sell it quickly while it still worked.

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    06-21-2012 08:47 PM
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    Who did you buy the phone from?

    Business or individual?

    AFAIK, manufacturer warranties don't cover water damage - as indicated by the stickers.

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    06-22-2012 12:59 PM
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    To the question of how I got it, I purchased it in late Jan from a private individual which I have done business with before. I got it in pristine condition and thanks to using a case, it stayed that way up until I sent it off to Motorola.
    Now, as of today I am awaiting return of my phone. However, Moto put down the wrong address on the Fed Ex tag (they had it right on the original RMA ticket) and now Fed Ex has got it in some holding facility. I may get it, or I have to drive up to the facility to pick it up.
    So as of this moment, I am left with the following possible conclusions.
    1. I am being hit with a rash of bad luck over the last few days.
    2. Moto has an unexpected rush of incompetence, and I just happen to be at the right place, right time.
    3. My not letting this issue go has sparked the ire of someone at Moto and decided that I need to be f'd with.
    06-22-2012 02:47 PM