02-26-2013 10:16 AM
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    It seems to have settled down today, but I'm still reading almost 100% on the cpu usage. Maybe the app reporting on the CPU is inaccurate. The screen appears to be the battery hog culprit from what I can tell. I think that has always been the case, but not to this extent.

    I can't figure out how to clear the cache. help to find a thread on that info would be appreciated.
    I read somewhere that there are people that think the screen is nicer looking on ics. I'm not convinced. But maybe between whatever they have done to improve that coupled with the brightness adjustments they have changed in the software is making the screen work harder. I sure don't know. Just throwing out thoughts. What I do know is that for some of us you are right. We are having to screw around with this phone now way too much to make it work. It's nothing like it was before and I'm still pissed. I see simple issues all over the place. Even dialing a call can be buggier than before. Heck my number pad locked up yesterday while trying to check a voicemail. Had to restart the phone and this is all after 2 cache cleanings and a factory reset. Total BS. Any kind of phone call use to be the most reliable part of this phone. ICS lovers will come on this thread and profess their devotion to it which is fine but the deal is we all get caught up in this drug we call 'change'. We get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest of everything, and a lot if times at a cost. There are others that are not having these issues, fantastic and for them ICS is the greatest thing ever, until Jelly Bean arrives of coarse. Problem is this OS was pushed out to us to make a deadline because everyone was gripping about not having it yet and when you do that, you make mistakes. They should have put on their big boy shorts and told people it's just not quite ready yet. If they don't correct them fast, they will have screwed up a very good device and possibly Motorola's best chance of regaining some respect in this business. 3300 battery, brilliant, screen tech improving, solid performer for the majority of it's users, check. Bowing to peer pressure of the people who demand the latest and greatest every 6 months, JUVENILE! Moto take back control of your future and fix this situation before we all by iPhones.

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    07-23-2012 09:51 AM
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    If you do a factory reset, a hard reset, you WILL have to reinstall all the apps you have acquired.
    Only if you don't have backup checked. If you have it checked and a back up has been performed, most of your apps will be or would have been, restored automatically. I retained 400 of my 410 apps. You do loose some of your data from the app though so be careful with that. I got my Notepad app back but without my data. Some say it's best to unchecked the auto restore and manually only the things you really want. That will be my next move if things don't smooth out for me soon.

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    07-23-2012 10:50 AM
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    When I upgraded from good old GB (Gingerbread) to ICS( It's Creamed Something) all went well for about 2 hours then the phone started to lock or freeze either for a few seconds or for ever until the battery completely drained or would not end a call or would accept a call then just turn off - the annoyance just got more and more.

    Factory reset - - Twice
    Cleared the Cache memory - - - - - dozens of times
    Left it with a drained battery
    Tried every reboot option on the menu
    Considered putting it in the toilet and taking a on it.

    Result it would work for 1-5 hours than start the whole locking and rebooting till it was flat resurrected itself.

    Last resort tried yesterday - I put it in a freezer bag and froze it for 6 hours (well it is supposed to be Ice cream sandwich) - let it thaw for 1 hour then turned it on - - - so far 24 hours hardly any battery drain all Apps working.

    Being an electronic engineer I can see how this may cause problems but thought it worth the risk.

    I will post again in the next few days if this has a long term effect
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    11-18-2012 12:43 PM
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    I did it on my droid razr with ics, but i have had to do it like atleast three times, and exactly the same things as the guy said about his phone hetting hot.. -___-
    12-28-2012 07:58 PM
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    I have the same problem, I had 1 upgrade under the recent Jellybean update for my DROID Razr, and ever since buffering takes years, sometimes doesnt even work and I have to reboot my phone, YouTube app doesn't work, Facebook app doesn't work, constantly lagging up my phone(earlier today i had to soft reset my phone because it wouldn't unlock), My Music app constatly stops working, and many more problems that have already been listed like the battery drain propblem, all I would like to do is uninstall the recent update without having to back up my files and factory recent my phone.

    It might just be my phone but alot of other people that I come across arent happy with the new 4.0.1 Jelly Bean update. Please fix this or allow people to uninstall updates if they aren't happy with it, without having to go through the hassle of factory reset.
    02-26-2013 10:16 AM
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