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    After purchasing the RAZR XT910(or DROID RAZR in other countries), I upgraded to ICS.
    Then I tried to redeem the 9 free EA games in the Moto Lounge. After downloading NFS Shift( or Need for Speed Shift HD XT910), it prompted to download
    another 150 mb.

    So I started the download and left
    it the whole night on my wifi. The progress bar got stuck at 100 percent and didn't go further. I've tried it more than 5 times and still, after reaching 100 percent, it gets stuck there. So I'm unable to play that game. I have not tried with other games, as many require large amounts of data downloads and I'm stuck with the first one I tried.

    Has anyone faced and/or resolved this issue?
    Please share.

    11-21-2012 12:08 AM

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