1. Jillybear00's Avatar
    I listen to Pandora a lot at work. It seems that every other day, or sometimes even ever day when I click on the Pandora app, it starts up and starts running, but I can't hear any sound. When I reboot it, it will work again. Is there something I am missing?
    01-09-2013 09:10 AM
  2. durango992007's Avatar
    Try uninstalling and then install it again. Might be a corrupted file in there.

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using Android Central Forums
    01-09-2013 01:45 PM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Are you sure it's an issue with Pandora and not the phone's media volume? I.e. do you also try other media like your own music to see if they play ok?
    01-10-2013 07:07 AM
  4. AC2011's Avatar
    I have had the same issue with Pandora where it would load to the station and show the current song but would not play. I would close out and reopen then it would play. All other media played fine as far as the media volume. It uninstalled and reinstalled the app and works much better and haven't had any issue since.

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    01-10-2013 09:56 PM

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