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    I have an XT925 that's been really spatially accurate using only GPS antenna for a couple of years now (Wifi/mobile location turned off). Has had a bit of rough and tumble and now I'm finding the GPS is able to easily detect all available satellites, yet has great difficulty locking onto them. I use GPS Status and Toolbox to monitor signal strength and clear - update internal GPS state for improved AGPS accuracy. This is where i can also monitor signal.

    The reason i put the antenna location in the title is that the right hand side of the phone (thin strip housing volume and power buttons) has worked it's way loose. Still attached but needs pressure between the said buttons to hold it tight to the body. Is this where the GPS antenna resides? I find that when i 'squeeze it' to it's proper position tight against the body and hold it there GPS Status indicates sudden increases in fixes to the number of satellites, and actually gets a fix on my position pretty well.

    If this is indeed where the GPS antenna resides, what suggestions are there to remedy this issue?

    06-03-2014 01:29 AM

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