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    My droid razr search's for service in airplane mode and I cannot seem to stop it even after flashing back to vanilla jellybean. About 75% of the time my phone works normally, I get service, can make calls and when I go into spotty or no service zones I just switch my phone to airplane mode and it drains nearly no battery, with phone idle being the biggest battery drain. When my phone isn't working correctly I cannot get service anywhere and when I put the phone into airplane mode, to save battery, it continues to search for service. After several minutes to many hours the phone will start to work normally seemingly randomly. This problem seems to be more prevalent after a reboot. I've been looking for a while and I can seem to find any information on this problem. I can't see how it can be software related because it happens with everything stock including all my cdma settings. Do I have a lemon? I'm past my 30 day return window so I'm really hoping not. Could this be a network issue? I'm using pageplus but am considering switching to verizon to see if it would help.
    Attached Thumbnails Droid RAZR Searching for Service in Airplane Mode-screenshot_2014-11-22-14-39-17.png  
    11-22-2014 06:20 PM
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    You may be past the return window, but you're probably not beyond the warranty, so have them exchange it. (The phone you're bringing in is used, so you probably won't get a new phone, you'll get a refurb. My Note 3 refurb's been working fine for a year. A lot of them come from people who just don't like the phone after a few days - there's nothing wrong with them [although most carriers give them a thorough checking out and a new battery].)
    11-22-2014 06:37 PM
  3. ccurtis11's Avatar
    Ok thanks. Referb isn't my first choice but you don't make it sound so bad. Thanks for the advice.
    11-23-2014 12:56 AM

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