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    We need to replace an older laptop that died and thought we might consider a tablot rather then another laptop. I have read a ton of reviews and think we are either going to buy the Transformer or Transformer Prime. I have a ton of experience with computers but zero with tablots so forgive me if I ask some stupid questions.

    First in the reading I have done it would seem the Transformer Prime has issues with GPS and to a lesser degree with Wi-Fi, and wondered if the original Transformer TF-101 shares these issues or if they are just related to the Prime? What does the Prime offer that the TF-101 doesn't aside from more memory? I can buy a TF-101 with dock for the same price as the Prime however the Prime is 32GB rather than the 16GB for the TF-101. Is using a mico SD card on the TF-101 as seamless as having the additional memory the Prime has?

    Second if the GPS issues only apply to the Prime, how well does it work on the Transformer? While the GPS is not going to be the primary use by any means, it is a consideration, and just wondered how it works in comparison to a standalone GPS? I have been told that a person needs 3G to use GPS however that doesn't seem to make sense as standalone GPS units don't have 3G. Do you get spoken turn by turn directions or is it simply a map displaying on the screen showing your location? I have read a few threads here mentioning buying apps such as CoPilot or Sygic, so am guessing the Transformer can't be used as a GPS without downloading an app?

    I have also read the odd place that 3G is going to be available for the Transformer but have not found any specific information and just wondered if it is available or will be?
    Thank you for your help.
    03-03-2012 09:21 AM