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    I can now confirm that this dynex charger works very well as a replacement or additional charger - it may not be the prettiest set up but very functional.

    You may have read my thread in the general section about woes with my OEM wall charger - this has spurred me into looking for other charging possibilities - Basically we need a charger that can put out 11v @ 1.2amps minimum - the TF wants 15 but will use 11 and charge a little more slowly. I came across this in an XDA forum and it is reported as working well and giving us more than 3 feet of cable:

    Amazon.com: DX-UA Universal Camera/Camcorder AC: Everything Else

    I will also caution everyone not to try and charge your TF overnight or use a USB 2.0 extension (even with the stock charger) as apparently this can cause issues with charging.

    -and now the requisite disclaimer - don't blame me if this charger doesnt work or breaks something - but I have used one for a few days now with great results and no issues. It even puts off enough juice to trigger the charging icon in settings-
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    05-28-2011 02:11 PM
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    I'm pretty sure that's not going to work.

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    05-28-2011 02:40 PM
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    Been reported as working by multiple folks over on XDA - but caveat emptor - if you dont like the looks of it dont do it
    05-28-2011 04:55 PM
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    In have done a little unscientific home testing and I have found the following

    Standard USB phone charger can charge the device if powered off at a rate of about 2% an hour - nearly useless, just a trickle charge

    My wife's Ipad charger will charge it at a more respectable rate of about 10-12% an hour with the device on and in standby - not sure but I am guessing it will be faster with the device off as the tablet will not be using juice as you add it

    Still waiting on the after market selectable voltage charger - will update then

    For now, I can a least say that the ipad charger is a viable replacement charger, but not as fast as the stock charger due to the lower voltage output. The good news is that it will tide me over until TF are reliably in stock somewhere and I can exchange my charger out.
    05-30-2011 09:18 AM
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    OK, Been still playing with charging this bad bay - cttually ordered a replacement from Newegg so I am just doing this now for future reference.

    I tried this twice yesterday - and yes I know this sounds ridiculous but I stumbled upon it by accident and it works so don't knock it.

    A normal USB wall charger (the 5v variety that comes with most cell phones) can charge the TF quite effectively. What you need to do is shut off wifi and shut off the screen while charging. Do not actually shut off the device as it will charge MUCH slower at the 1-2% and hour rate that I mentioned above. Just shutoff wifi and then turn off the screen and you will get about 20% an hour charge. I was back up to 100% by yesterday evening. At first I thought my battery indicator was confused, but it is working well and dropping at the normal slow amount that it always has.

    This is still not near as good as the stock charget, but it will be my plan for a second charger when my new TF arrives. I will leave the stock one at home and use my cell charger for both phone and tablet when travelling.

    I have no idea why it works this way, and I am sure there is some great reason having to do with how much power the tbzlet is using while charging, but I do not really care - it works. This is pretty cool to me as retail availablity of extra chargers seems nonexistent right now.
    06-01-2011 07:51 AM
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    If you're looking for a 12v solution, I'd check out the Kensington Powerbolt Duo. It has a 2.1a outlet that should do the trick for a normal charging rate. I'm a bit peeved as newegg had it for $10 last week and it sold it while it was in my cart, and I was posting it on slickdeals. Doh!

    If you want to charge from your computer, you can try using this adapter that tells the device it's ok to draw more than 0.5a. People say it works for their ipad.

    Also, for home you can get the genuine ipad charger that has the extension cord to make up for the way too short Asus one.
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    06-01-2011 07:40 PM
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    Edited the OP check it out
    06-05-2011 02:03 AM
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    So does that kit have the proprietary connector that asus uses on the transformer? Or are you charging through USB using the keyboard dock? From the picture on Amazon's site, it doesn't look like the ASUS connector is there.
    06-07-2011 02:59 PM
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    No, it does not have the Asus connector. I am using the female USB connector on ti and then using the stock cod from Asus. This was how I was getting the adiitional juice to get a faster charge.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear on that - thought I mentioned it somewhere.
    06-07-2011 04:30 PM
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    Through Amazon I got 3 AC Adaptors / with USB Cables- all shipped thought their Calif Affiliate at ExCaliberPC.com- they were $27.00 Each- waited 3 weeks- but they are in- so know I can have one at home.one at the office, and one extra for travel etc/ spare etc.

    For under $20 as well, I got a true Leather Folding case that flips into a kickstand like setup too- search at amazon under ASUS Transformer accessories.
    07-11-2011 06:41 PM
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    For the people saying that a cellphone charger would work will the indicator on the battery switch go on to charging because I don't get that,is it still charging?
    07-14-2011 02:43 PM
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    why doesn't anybody ever respond to my posts?
    07-16-2011 05:35 PM
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    09-28-2011 01:45 PM
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    why doesn't anybody ever respond to my posts?
    read the entire thread, that was already answered
    09-29-2011 11:36 PM
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    Picked up the DX-UA charger at best buys since i wanted instant gratification. At first it appeared to be charging, but after an hour i noticed the charge symbol is gone - and it stopped charging. I checked the cables and reconnected - charging again, for.... 2 min? then stops. What am i missing?
    12-15-2011 12:45 PM
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    I would take it back for an exchange because mine charges fine with the DX-UA.
    12-15-2011 06:20 PM
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    Agreed, it ain't pretty but it works fine. Thanks for finding it.
    01-06-2012 03:49 PM