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    Hey guys, this is about your dream electronics in your house. No price limit. Be as descriptive as you want.

    1. Custom built MicroATX computer running Ubuntu
    2. Custom built ATX computer with 128 GB SSD to store Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows OS on and also a 3 TB HDD for storage
    3. (When it comes out) Asus Transformer Infinity Pad 700
    4. Whatever the next Nexus device will be
    5. With ATX computer I would want a 20+" display and then mounted to the wall a 42" LCD display
    6. Full home theater with 72" screen, 7.1 Surround sound, Boxee entertainment system, Cable with full sports package, and of course a high-quality amp and blu-ray player
    7. Netbook running Ubuntu
    8. Ultrabook with i5, not i7, processor running windows 7
    9. Dual-band b/g/n router to connect it all
    10. Network connected 4TB hard drive to back whatever up
    05-24-2012 03:52 PM