09-19-2018 05:18 AM
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  1. MichealHeitz's Avatar
    Monday night WWF and WCW....saturday morning cartoons.....VHS struggles....man i miss the 90's
    05-31-2018 06:38 AM
  2. codeda's Avatar
    I loved all cartoons. Remember Disney afternoon. Darkwing duck and talespin were my favorite of those. And of course all the heavy marketing on commercials. Sometimes those songs still randomly pop in my head.
    05-31-2018 09:26 AM
  3. digifly's Avatar
    Damn the golden days..WWF, Johnny Bravo, Windows 95, GBA. Would trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday
    07-03-2018 01:18 AM
  4. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    I was more of an 80s kid 90s teen, but some of my favs were:

    Quantum Leap
    Headbanger's Ball
    120 Minutes
    MTV Unplugged series
    Walker, Texas Ranger
    Star Trek Voyager
    Deep Space Nine
    The Wonder Years
    The X Files
    07-12-2018 06:51 AM
  5. anony_mouse's Avatar
    Remember Angry Beavers? Rugrats? Johnny Bravo? Name your favorite 90's entertainment here.
    I liked biking, football and reading.
    07-12-2018 07:11 AM
  6. cranky_bot's Avatar
    I miss the old WWE, Cartoon Network, DOS games, spending the summers playin hide n seek or cycling around with my friends. Those were the days. I miss how I never used to give a single **** about anything
    07-17-2018 09:50 PM
  7. Chiligames's Avatar
    Good old cable tv and dial up internet lol
    09-14-2018 07:17 PM
  8. SweetJC's Avatar
    Right you are, guys. It was the amazing time.
    09-19-2018 05:18 AM
58 123

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