06-20-2017 04:41 AM
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  1. tube517's Avatar
    I listen to a lot of internet radio. It runs constantly while I'm at the computer. Mostly Radio Paradise, but it varies. We also get some good TV for music these days.
    Good site!
    12-21-2015 05:34 AM
  2. dbrons's Avatar
    no, don't listen to the radio. I'm a member of several discussion forums about music and I get recommendations from friends there.
    01-03-2016 05:53 PM
  3. MagnaWolf's Avatar
    My favorite way to discover new music is by the discovery feature in spotify.
    01-05-2016 07:53 AM
  4. OrangeCleaner's Avatar
    8tracks is absolutely awesome to discover new music and artists. Good remixes too
    02-24-2016 04:39 PM
  5. qphone apps's Avatar
    Spotify is great for me. I am subscribed to several playlists and when the owners make changes I receive notifications. There are sites that you can find these playlist.
    03-22-2016 12:47 PM
  6. GabbyLiz's Avatar
    I occasionally use Pandora and Spotify to find new music and artists. I actually find a lot of new music from suggestions on YouTube, as someone previously mentioned.
    03-25-2016 01:39 AM
  7. Cuulio's Avatar
    I mostly listen music from youtube and that way discover new songs.
    05-19-2016 12:26 AM
  8. overcookedcoffle's Avatar
    I listen to my kids iPod
    10-15-2016 12:37 PM
  9. kristenelaine1991's Avatar
    I listen to Pandora. Pandora is my go to. I don't like new music. lol. I'm so bad at just listening what i'm used to.
    10-19-2016 08:45 AM
  10. MikeyBugs95's Avatar
    I listen to the radio and browse YouTube. For me, finding "new" music is easy because I don't listen to new music. I listen to music from the 50's – mid-80's. Plus some sparse modern indie rock/light rock/indie folk. Plus there's some 40's big band/radio tunes mixed in there as well.
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    12-18-2016 03:42 AM
  11. MaximillianW's Avatar
    Social media groups. I basically join some genre, like say, metal or rock, and then interact with people or their posts to find out names of new or old bands i haven't tried yet. then i google their greatest hits and youtube them.
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    04-10-2017 05:44 AM
  12. alan55's Avatar
    I prefer youtube
    06-20-2017 04:41 AM
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