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    Custom Themed Dialers

    I've been working on some custom themed dialers on the side just to take a small break away from constantly working on the Gears of War and Halo theme with my partner ZiggSEvo. Were still working on theme but I find this just a much needed break from working on the same project constantly.. I will add more as requests come in.... This thread may also feature work from Zigg if he has dialers he would like to display or any requests he fills.

    - With this new method I can push out dialers fast, takes about 5-10 mins per dialer now.

    - If you provide an image it would make things faster or I can grab the best I can find from a Google search. Try and make provided images larger than 480 x 454 pixel.

    - I do this all as a free gesture to the community. I'm a stay at home dad of 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys). Not by choice but due to the economy, thank god for my wife being a nurse and being able to keep things a float. Normally I would be out in the dirt running a bulldozer or other heavy equipment instead I'm here playing with my awesome Epic 4g !

    - I cannot promise I will do every request. ( I have other roles to cover, besides dad and themer I'm also your friendly AC Adviser )

    Flash any of these on Froyo EB13/EC05 and some are for Gingerbread EF02/EG22 if stated.. No wipe required. This will only change the dialer and nothing else in your current theme.\

    [TIP]Those interested in returning to a STOCK dialer you can flash this in CWM. Stock Dialer Restore[/TIP]

    Carolina Panthers 1

    Download Link: Carolina Panthers 1

    Carolina Panthers 2

    Download Link: Carolina Panthers 2

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Download Link: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    NY Giants & Jets Combined

    Download Link: NY Giants & Jets


    Download Link: Steelers

    Steelers 2

    Download Link: Steelers 2

    Journey (Custom)

    Download Link: Journey

    Gingerbread (Gingerbread EG22 ONLY!)

    Download Link: Gingerbread (Gingerbread EG22 ONLY)

    Dallas Cowboys

    Download Link: Dallas Cowboys

    Chicago Blackhawks

    Download Link: Chicago Blackhawks

    Houston Texans

    Download Link: Houston Texans

    USC Trojans

    Download Link: USC Trojans

    Custom Cobra

    Download Link: Custom Cobra

    Custom Patriots

    Download Link: Custom Patriots

    Penn State Lions

    Download Link: Penn State Lions

    NY Giants

    Download Link: NY Giants

    St Louis Cardinals

    Download Link: St Louis Cardinals

    Android Central's Lloyd !

    Download Link: Android Central Lloyd

    Detriot Redwings

    Download Link: Detriot Redwings

    Miami Dolphins

    Download Link: Miami Dolphins

    NY Jets

    Download Link: NY Jets

    Oakland Raiders

    Download Link: Oakland Raiders

    Red Sox

    Download Link: Red Sox

    Denver Broncos

    Download Link: Denver Broncos

    Ford Mustang Shelby

    Download Link: Ford Mustang Shelby Dialer

    [CUSTOM] Empire Dialer

    Download Link: Empire Dialer

    Balitmore Ravens

    Download Link: Baltimore Ravens

    Baltimore Orioles

    Download Link : Baltimore Orioles Dialer

    San Diego Chargers[/B]

    Download Link: San Diego Chargers

    Seattle Seahawks

    Download Link: Seattle Seahawks Dialer

    San Francisco 49ers

    Download Link: San Fransisco 49ers Dialer

    New York Mets

    Download Link: New York Mets

    Chicago Bears

    Download Link: Chicago Bears Dialer

    Detriot Lions

    Download Link : Detriot Lions Dialer

    Green Bay Packers

    Download Link : Packers Themed Dialer

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Download Link: Eagles Themed Dialer

    [WARN]Please keep your requests within reason, and I can't promise that I can do everything requested. Project time to complete a dialer is about an hour.[/WARN]
    07-10-2011 08:43 PM
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    *** I will add more requests to the list once I complete the requests below ***

    :: List of completed dialers ::

    Custom Cobra
    Custom Patriots
    Penn State Lions
    NY Giants
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Detriot Redwings
    Miami Dolphins
    NY Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Red Sox
    Denver Broncos
    Ford Mustang Shelby
    Custom (Empir3)
    Baltimore Orioles
    Balitimore Ravens
    San Diego Chargers
    Seattle Seahawks
    San Fransisco 49ers
    Chicago Bears
    New York Mets
    Detriot Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Philadelphia Eagles

    :: Dialers on the list ::

    St. Louis Cardinals
    NY Giants
    Red Sox
    Oakland Raiders
    07-10-2011 08:44 PM
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    Custom Dialer Tutorial

    Okay first bare with me here and I will do the best I can to get you from start to finish on doing the custom dialers that I've been producing. I will show you how to do the easy method which I have done most of here, the more advanced method which I started with and Zigg did for our Gears of War/Halo themes I will not be showing due to the complexity of those. Zigg does have a request thread going for those, if interested you can hit him up. Before I forget the original design goes to ZiggSevo and I took it a step further an came up with this "easy" method to make mass producing these dialers fast and easy.

    1. Grab your favorite editor like Paint Shop Pro or Gimp (Free just Google it).

    2. Next you need to have a few things...

    - DialerTabActivity.apk (pull this from your /system/app/ directory or from the same location in a stock version of deoxdexed Froyo)
    - Image you wish to use. Look for images that are 800 x 600 or bigger, these reduce/resize very nice.
    - WinRAR or 7zip (for pulling and placing pngs in the DialerTabActivity.apk)
    - Optional blank flashable zip to flash your dialer or you can push it manually using Root Explorer or ES File Explorer, etc..
    - Some basic skills in these programs. I will not go into great detail on how to color or add borders to the buttons in these programs because I'm not the best of teachers and there are many different ways you can accomplish this. A little messing around and you should be able to figure it out, its very basic skills needed to do this..

    Alright once you have all the above in order you need to pull the following files from the " DialerTabActivity.apk/res/drawable-hdpi/ "

    call_dial_btn_normal.png (This is the stock GREY dialer button background. Controls numbers 0-9 and *, # and backspace key.)
    call_dial_btn01_normal.png (This is the stock GREEN dialer button that controls the Phone key)
    call_dial_btn03_normal.png (This is the stock ORANGE dialer button that controls the Message key)
    call_dial_panel_bg_01.png (This is the background behind the stock dialer keys that gives you the black grid lines on a stock dialer)

    Okay now pull all those files using 7zip or WinRAR and place them in a folder so you have them all in one place.

    Next find your image on the internet, then open up Paint Shop or Gimp, etc and look under Image or similar for RESIZE or SCALE. Your looking to reduce/resize the image dimensions. They need to be reduce to 480 X 454 pixels and make sure you have the LOCK ASPECT RATIO "unchecked". This will give you the exact dimensions you need for the image on your phone dialer.

    Now save that image in the same folder as you put the files you pulled from the DialerTabActivity.apk. Save the resized image as call_dial_panel_bg_01.png

    Next onto the buttons.... You can open up any of those buttons you pulled from the DialerTabActivity.apk and look at them so you can see what they look like or whatever. We won't be using them but I had you pull them so you know which images you will be working with and replacing.

    Okay so you've looked at the buttons great.. Stock ugly grey buttons haha.. Now to the fun part you want to create a new image. Do this by going to FILE and select NEW image. You want your image to be 148 x 82 pixels and you give it a transparent background. Most programs even offer the option to create a BUTTON or have a button maker, you can use this option to create one using the same 148 x 82 dimensions with a transparent background and give it a border so it outlines the button. [WARN]Regardless of what you do you need the button to be TRANSPARENT so your call_dial_panel_bg_01.png shows threw the buttons.
    Okay so if you took the route of using the optional button maker then ignore the following.

    If you made an image from scratch then you now have a 148 x 82 pixel transparent image. You will need to add a small border to the button if you want your buttons or keys to be defined or you could leave them without edges for a complete transparent look. I will not go into detail how to do this because I'm not a great teacher in this area and there are many different ways you can go about creating a border over a transparent image.

    Okay so now you have you button or key how you like it and ready to save it. Save the file as call_dial_btn_normal.png

    Now you need to make a few copies of that button you just saved to replace the ones you pulled from the DialerTabActivity.apk. You will need 3 copies total

    Name them the following.


    Now its time to put everything together and place it all in your DialerTabActivity.apk.

    Take the 3 button images you just made and named as I stated above, and also the call_dial_panel_bg_01.png (your resized image) and place them all back in " DialerTabActivity.apk/res/drawable-hdpi/ " and close it up.

    Push it directly to your device or use the included flashable, and put them in the " system/app/ " directory of the flash zip I provided.

    That's it your done and if all was done correctly you should have your very own custom dialer pad.

    If anyone has any questions I will do the best I can to answer them. I can't promise that I can aid you in working with the transparent image and borders because there is different ways to do it and each graphics application is a bit different in tools/locations/names.

    I hope I was able to get you through the hoops of performing this and enjoying doing a bit of customizing on your own. I will still be here to take requests and answer questions and please feel free to hit the Thanks button or leave a comment or whatever if this worked out for you.

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    07-10-2011 08:44 PM
  4. dtm_stretch's Avatar
    I think I just threw up in my mouth seeing those two dialers. Just kidding! But seriously I hate those teams but the dialers look good.
    07-10-2011 09:21 PM
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    Just did those off requests I received. I'm personally not a big sports fan, mainly watch big playoff games thats about it.

    Glad you like the work. Don't pass judgment to hard on the Packers dialer, I wouldn't use an image again that has circles and other objects to stay in alignment because of they way the dialer displays them a bit exploded outward it throws it off.. It still came out good though.
    07-10-2011 09:36 PM
  6. WesR6's Avatar
    Detroit lions please.
    07-10-2011 09:41 PM
  7. skyward's Avatar
    Ok, the Packers suck! How about the Vikings.

    Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
    07-11-2011 12:45 AM
  8. Ostrich69's Avatar
    49 ers please
    AnD can I use this running SRF1.2
    07-11-2011 04:49 PM
  9. Paul627g's Avatar
    Detroit lions please.
    I really like the way the Detriot Lions turned out

    See OP for download.
    07-11-2011 10:10 PM
  10. Paul627g's Avatar
    Chicago Bears Dialer up... I had to do this one for my home town...
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    07-12-2011 03:28 AM
  11. Paul627g's Avatar
    49 ers please
    AnD can I use this running SRF1.2
    49ers dialer is up! Enjoy..

    It should flash just fine with SRF 1.2
    07-12-2011 02:47 PM
  12. lrn2swim's Avatar
    seahawks please! nice work on these, looks good.
    07-12-2011 03:23 PM
  13. Paul627g's Avatar
    seahawks please! nice work on these, looks good.
    See OP, just added.
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    07-12-2011 03:55 PM
  14. n2droid's Avatar
    Can you do Oakland Raiders??
    07-12-2011 04:11 PM
  15. skyward's Avatar
    Chicago Bears Dialer up... I had to do this one for my home town...
    I like the Seattle one, great job!
    07-12-2011 05:39 PM
  16. Paul627g's Avatar
    Added a few more dialers....

    Custom- Empire Dialer

    Baltimore Orioles

    Baltimore Ravens

    07-13-2011 10:43 AM
  17. hevenz1's Avatar
    WOW!! Ok im not trying to be selfish but can i request 2 pretty pretty plz??!!
    Can you do a denver Broncos one and one with the Mitusubisi 3 trinagle emblem?!

    thanks in advance!!

    07-13-2011 03:21 PM
  18. Paul627g's Avatar
    WOW!! Ok im not trying to be selfish but can i request 2 pretty pretty plz??!!
    Can you do a denver Broncos one and one with the Mitusubisi 3 trinagle emblem?!

    thanks in advance!!

    Bronco's no prob.. I'll put it on the list.. The Mitsubishi one.. Please find me a picture you would like me to use little bigger than 480 x 454 pixel ... A 600 x 800 or bigger would be excellent to resize.. You could post the pic here.
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    07-13-2011 03:43 PM
  19. btc0526's Avatar
    Do you think you could do a nice miami dolphins one? Sorry I couldn't provide a picture idk how to
    07-14-2011 12:20 AM
  20. jnl813's Avatar
    Can you do an Oakland Raiders one, but use the shield only if you can, meaning the actual logo. Not the helmet with the logo or anything like that.... PLEASE! LoL
    07-14-2011 09:17 AM
  21. Paul627g's Avatar
    See the 3rd post for my Custom Dialer Tutorial. Good luck!
    07-14-2011 02:04 PM
  22. WesR6's Avatar
    Great job on the themes! Love the look, now too tough to decide which one to use. Going with the lions for now. Turned out awesome!
    07-14-2011 10:42 PM
  23. hevenz1's Avatar
    The Denver Broncos look s AWESOME! Thanks.. ill look for that other image!!

    Thanks Again
    07-15-2011 12:15 PM
  24. josh33_unc's Avatar
    alabama crimson tide for football
    north carolina tarheels for basketball

    07-16-2011 06:48 PM
  25. Ostrich69's Avatar
    Maybe a USC Trojan one thanks in advance paul
    07-16-2011 07:10 PM
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