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    Ok, so I've rooted my Epic 4g with the appropriate programs and everythings gone successfully so far. My ultimate goal in rooting was to remove all the background running programs that we're placed on my Sprint phone to provide betting smoother running conditions for my preferred apps. I wanted to ask some questions as this is my first time rooting a phone.
    I've got extensive PC experience but my xp with accessories is limited. I'm familiar with various tools and operations.
    Now to my questions:
    Removing the bloatware, do I accomplish this by flashing or replacing a custom built OS over the one in the phone or is their a way to remove the bloatware from the current install with my newly gained root access without deleting my existing system or messing up my current installs?
    If I have to replace the entire system, where would I find a bloatware free version of the same OS that Sprint had on their? and also, would it be possible to save and reinstall my games, apps, and files without losing my progress, passwords, or content?

    I really appreciate all the assistance your videos have provided me already, I'm still learning and researching these things as I go, but I'm a quick learner. Thank you for your assistance.
    Seeing how your main goal is to remove unwanted bloatware and have better application management I will suggest the following.

    Your rooted, stock I take it. Doesn't matter which OS.. Froyo/GB etc...

    1. Make a Nandroid Backup of your current setup in CWM. Using the backup/restore option. This way you have this to return to as a working untouched setup.

    2. Use Titanium Backup (FREE) from the Market. This will list all the applications and system apps on your device and all you to make a backup of the application and then either freeze or remove it.

    3. The following list, even outdated is still very valuable to get you a heads up on apps that are safe to remove. This is Froyo based so some things may not be named exactly the same or even exist in Gingerbread. I will see if I can dig up a better updated list for Gingerbread. List: Stock Apps and their .apk files (for removal)

    This should get you where you want, you can still keep your data and everything in tact without having to flash a custom ROM. You can go that route but there is a little more to doing so to restore you application data, etc...

    Anything else.. Just ask.
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    02-29-2012 03:15 PM
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    Awesome, thank you, your help is greatly appreciated. I'm working with titanium right now to begin to remove the background apps I dont want in my phone at the moment. I think I would like to remove all the communications protocols for everything except wifi access and tethering since my phone doesnt have active cell service right now. I'll use the backup to store those settings when and if I ever get it reactivated. All your help is greatly appreciated, I'll check in regularly as I can to continue this and perhaps we can leave a trail together to help other users with the thread
    02-29-2012 04:07 PM
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    Pyrin1701, about how much space is created by the removal of the stock and sprint apps listed above. Is it enough to warrant these changes?
    03-21-2012 11:51 PM

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